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From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Mar 9, 2014 6:29 PM
Cc: Kathie Bakken , Eric Holder , probate sharks , Jo Anne M Denison , Cook County States Attorney , Elaine NAsga , sylvia , Lucinda , GLD , Alyece Russell , scott evans , Annie NASGA , Sherrif Dart , ecarter , barbara nasga , “Chief David E.. Dial Naperville” , “Sgt. Tom Kammerer Naperville Police” , ginny johnson
Subject: Re: Follow through on investigation of Adam Stern/Cynthia Farenga.

If Gloria Sykes is accurate in any of the things that she avers, pursuant to 18 USCA 4 the allegations made must be forwarded to law enforcement for investigation.   Schmiedel is not in charge of the accuracy, nor is Mr. Larkin or his IARDC.     
Pursuant to Himmel I am forwarding a copy to this e-mail to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission as the allegations that Ms. Sykes has made are serious.   
Of course we do not expect the IARDC to do anything other than continue in the ‘cover up’ of the ‘elder cleansing.’       So far it has been silent as to all the allegations of Elder abuse, Financial Exploitation and there is no reason why Mr. Larkin et al would change his attitude and be interested in protecting Mary Sykes (or any other senior) from involuntary assisted suicide.  
I assume that everyone on this list has read the opening statement uttered by the IARDC in the outrageous and ultra vires prosecution of Ms. Denison.     Therein,  Mr. Larkin’s  representative stated that Ms. Denison’s blog is endangering the public just like yelling fire in a crowded threatre.      Indeed, Mr. Holder, Ms. Alvarez, and all law enforcement people who are diligently protecting the public interests and defending the Constitution in the view of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission are Ethically Challenged and should be disbarred and prohibited from the practice of law.    Thus,  the full weight of the State of Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission is directed by Mr. Jerome Larkin toward the end of protecting the interest of those attorneys who participate in the cottage industry of elder cleansing by elder abuse, financial exploitation of seniors and participating in providing assisted suicide for unwilling participants.
Ms. Sykes’ e-mail should be published!     Do not believe a word she says – do an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation. 
Ken Ditkowsky

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