Next mission — free Mary Sykes!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Feb 26, 2014 6:45 PM
To: Tim NASGA , Kathie Bakken , John Howard Wyman , NASGA , probate sharks , scott evans , Jo Anne M Denison
Subject: Re: Next step – Save Mary Sykes!

In the 1940’s one of the radio shows commenced with the words: “the path of crime bears bitter fruit”
In reviewing this claim of JoAnne and discussing it with her it is abundantly clear that Mr. Larkin (and/or his surrogates) copied her blog with the only purpose of harassing her and attempting to intimidate her.  Certainly Larkin was and is aware that the Supreme Court of the United States made it abundantly clear that government cannot regulate content based speech.  To a limited extent it can regulate commercial speech, but, the call for an Honest Investigation of the elder cleaning cottage industry is protected by the core values of America and the First Amendment.   How therefore does Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission download a single word from her blog (which is copy righted)?
Of course Larkin as an attorney who assumes the role of the moral compass of the legal profession is presumed to be familiar with the law and the limitations on government power that the Bill of Rights manifests.   He should be aware of the Citizens United case and the harsh words that define the broad scope of the First Amendment.   Why does he think that the Constitution does not apply to him?    Why does he think that copyrights protections do not apply to him and his minions?    People who act in derogation of the law cannot claim the ‘fair usage’ exception to the copyright laws!   Thus, Larkin is on the hook along with his cronies who slavishly *****.
As you are aware, Mary Sykes was removed from home and railroaded into a guardianship.   This guardianship was intended by the miscreants to be a kill of death.   Quickly they estranged her from her younger daughter and her siblings, removed her from her home and activities and enrolled her in an adult day care center.   This center was designed by **** to take active intelligent seniors who were living productive lives and convert them into zombies.  (Scott Evans employed his investigative skills honed by the United States of America and traced Mary down.   He reported this situation to the Court when Mr. Schmiedel bragged to the Court what wonderful progress Mary was making).
JoAnne and I have been calling for an HONEST complete, intelligent, and comprehensive investigation.   This call according to our miscreants (including certain governmental employees who are reported to be more than a little delinquent in filing ethics reports) is contrary to the ethics of the legal profession.   Ms. Farenga has copied hundreds of pages of JoAnne’s blog, the writings found in NASGA and Probate Sharks and forwarded the same to Larkin’s cronies.  (all of the whom receive substantial paychecks from the State of Illinois).   Farenga infringed repeatedly however, we recognize that the First Amendment protects the right to petition to the government (First Amendment).   This right exist even if you petition to the government to act in discriminatory and illegal form.  Farenga petitioned to the IARDC to deny JoAnne and me our First Amendment Rights!
We reason that Farenga copyright infringement is probably within the fair usage protection of the copyright law.   She therefore is not sued for her outrageous usurpation of the intellectual property rights that she obtained by her infringement.   An argument could be made that had the IARDC just adopted the intellectual property that Farenga mailed them in her successful efforts to violate our civil rights this suit would never have been filed; however, Larkin and the IARDC demonstrated once again their disrespect for American Core values by hiring an ‘expert’ to [provide software] do the actual infringing.   The IARDC under Larkin’s direction independently copied (infringed) the entire blog.    74 USCA 230 be damned!  Congress in enacting laws apparently has placed a clause in the law – this law applies to everyone except Jerome Larkin and those people protecting the cottage industry of elder cleansing.  [elderly cleansing has three elements 1) railroad a senior into a guardianship, 2) liberate the seniors life savings and other assets, and 3) effectuate an involuntary assisted suicide!
JoAnne and I have filed a civil rights suit against Larkin, Schmiedel, Farenga, and Stern.  You will find a copy on JoAnne’s blog or if you want a fax or an e-mail call Mr. larry Chambers at 847 600 3421 and he will furnish you with a copy.    This lawsuit is separate and sues only Larkin and his co-infringers.  Mr. Schmiedel and Mr. Stern according to our Rule 11 investigation appear to be innocent of this perfidy and thus as I have no interest in the blog or in the copyrights Mr. Schmiedel, Mr. Stern and I are not parties.   Ms. Farenga also is not a party as giving the ‘fair use’ exception an overbroad analysis we have applied it to her and she is also not a party.
What is so interesting is the fact that we begged Larkin and the guardian ad litems to join in us in our call for an INVESTIGATION.   You’d have thought that we were using ‘dirty’ words from the response.   Why do these people fear an Investigation!   Why is it so important to keep Mary Sykes hostage and isolated?    I am hoping that General Holder will do the appropriate investigation and we will get Mary freed while she still has time on Earth to enjoy her two elderly sisters and her younger daughter.
Ken Ditkowsky

From Joanne;

I am NOT in agreement at all that Ms. Farenga can copy hundreds of pages of my blog ostensibly in an effort to “report me” to the IARDC for an investigation, when she is involved in a case 1) without jurisdiction–no evidence of service of summons or complaint upon Mary; 2) an improperly issued TRO that has lasted for 150+ ten day periods; 3) comingling of an estate with a trust where the trust held Mary’s home but the estate paid the mortgage; 4) an (unfair and grossly overreaching) attack on a settlement (Lumberman’s) which clearly belonged to Gloria for her home to be rebuilt and now it lies in waste and she is homeless and penniless whereas before Dec 7, 2009 Gloria had in excess of $250k in assets at her disposale; 5) cuffing Gloria to find out where these assets were and freeze them; 6) conveniently PS asserts he is owed over $200k in legal fees; the isolation of Mary from over half her friends and family; 7) placing her in a nursing home without court order; 8) no bond on the TRO…..  you get the picture.

I have the right to say those things.  Fair use is only a handful of sentences within a paragraph and for research, educational  and non commercial purposes, not pages and pages of downloading and copying to “report someone” with reams of text that is clearly mundane and innocuous.  I would not recommend doing that to anyone, as an IP lawyer.  Only take what you need and leave the rest.  If you don’t, you clearly risk suit for infringement.

But the IARDC comes after myself and Ken for calling for an investigation. Writing the authorities (so you can see that SOME attorneys are honest and care about justice and ethics) and we show you how to do this.

The IARDC claims calling for an investigation of a highly troubled case is unethical and is “overly critical” of some golden boy and girl attorneys.

I still see attorneys going into Judge Stuart’s private areas–despite the Greylord orders prohibiting that.

We call for an investigation, we are investigate and they want this blog shut down.

The miscreants violate Greylord orders not to go talk to the judges privately and cut their deals, and the IARDC looks the other way.

And you wonder why many call this the “Crook County” court system.

Ken and I are here to clean it up.  To point out directly where compliance is sorely lacking.  We want YOU, the public to have confidence in the court system again.  We want the Greylord orders enforced.  We want the IARDC to go after the miscreants and not the messengers.  We have other attorneys now and a network helping us.

If you are an attorney, please write me and start your own blog about fighting for truth and justice in the courtrooms.

I will not stop unless and until I hear no more complaints about gross violations of ethics that the IARDC and the courts are ignoring.


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