An open letter to Mr. Lanre Amu–stand up proud and report those who overlook, engage and promote unethical and immoral behavior in the courts!

Dear Readers;

This morning, Mr. Amu provide Ken Ditkowsky with a copy of his brief to the Ill. Supreme Court.  Atty Ditkowsky expressed his disappointment that Mr. Amu didn’t mention the most important right he has — and that is to unfettered non commercial speech under the First Amendment to the US constitution.  (Sawyer, Alvarez, Citizen’s United, etc.)  Apparently some people are telling him that if he “lays low”, goes along with the program, shuts up and does not mention “corruption” or the fact his judges have public records indicating reasons for their bias, or further investigate the root cause of the corruption which he alleges–all will be forgiven.

Then Mr. Amu says he will not go on the cable TV show “Cooper’s Corner” because it would further inflame his situation with the IARDC.

NOT.  This is the road to perdition.  The slippery slope. The wedge with the edge. It’s when the devil comes to you directly and says “do what I say and I’ll fix everything for you, I have the ‘easy’ button.”

The devil does not.  If he asks to you look the other way, do not speak, do not tell on miscreants and scallywags, it IS the road to perdition for sure.

You will note that JL, MS, SO, MG, LB, SA, etc. are NOT your friends.  In my case they have gone out of the way to tamper with witnesses and obstruct justice (Gloria and her service dog, Justine Sia Rosa and her testimony).  Ken and I are suing JL, AS, CF and PS for gross violations of our civil rights.  The IARDC is a slavish copyright infringer.  They can cite no case for “fair use” in litigation.  That is because the first amendment will run up head on with copyright laws.



Dear Lanre

I agree wholeheartedly with Ken.  You got some very, very bad advice where ever it came from.  You will note that in my trial I am using it as a showcase that the Sykes case was fixed and tied in, that there is a system of corruption that is ignored and even CYA by the IARDC, and right on up the ladder, that Gloria, Kathie, Scott and Yolanda will testify the case is filled with problems and issues and Mary was railroaded (no service, no discovery, ignoring Gloria’s POA and just issuing an order trashing it contrary to the ILPA sec. 45/2 which requires notice, a hearing and findings).

why are you shying away from the media anyway?  you are a smart, handsome, well spoken attorney and if you get on that show you will show the world you are NOT a nut case.

it would be one thing for you to go on the show DURING your trial to TALK about some witnesses when others still haven’t testified, but even then THE IARDC HAS NO RIGHT AND CANNOT CONSIDER YOUR MEDIA ENDEAVORS TO CLEAR YOUR GOOD NAME.

There are 2 amazing and important avenues of justice in this country.  One is the court system.  In your case, the IARDC has woefully failed you.  It was a kangaroo court making the decision ipso facto you are a liar and all the judges are saints.  What utter nonsense.  The second one is a free and open press.  Media can often put pressure on crooked govt officials to stop the nonsense.

And I don’t know who told you that advice (lay low, don’t tell, sweep the dirt under the rug), and perhaps you will not reveal it, but either the person is naive, young or stupid and should not be giving any sort of advice about IARDC proceedings OR HE IS A PLANT!

Both Ken and I have been “planted”.  That means a “nice attorney” will show up at our door or in our email box and tell me, you know if you only complied (take down the blog, shut up, stop emailing your elected politicians, the FBI, the states attorney, etc.–all the people I in fact have a duty to report to as an attorney), perhaps the IARDC will take pity on you and eventually give you your license back.

So that means I am to turn my back on corruption and harm to the disableds and elderly and poor?  Are they kidding?  Mestopheles has enough souls, kindly thank you very much.

Don’t you see how they are leading you into perdition?

You HAVE to report to the authorities–Misprison of Felony 18 USC 4 provides you have to report corruption.  As an Attorney, you should be pulling public and non public records and consulting with a good PI to investigate the corruption and get rid of it.  You should ask for a new trial based upon these judges are frauds and scallywags and their dirt was hidden and it took you awhile to find it.

If you don’t have a spine, take out a loan and get one, is my advice.

You do not have the right to be stupid in this lifetime (I’m sure you can find a biblical quote for that).  All the great leaders in the bible stood up to corruption–Ruth, David (as in the Goliath story).  He got his stones and threw them back.  The truth is the writing on the wall (OT) and the writing in the sand (Mary Magadalene was a saint and not a sinner and was wrongfully accused of adultery when a Roman soldier courted her and it turns out he had a wife and 3 kids in Rome.  The Mrs. wrote a letter to his commander so what did they try to do?  stone HER and not HIM.  It was not MM’s fault, she did not know.  Yeshua stopped that nonsense with the famous “writing in the sand.”)  All the heroes and heroines of the bible had one thing in common–they repeatedly stood up to corruption.  And they NEVER hid the fact they were going to expose it and eliminate it.  The three men in the fire survived their ordeal and you will too.  Ken and I will and we get to go back with all our tail feathers.  Don’t be a  wuss.

I know you have strong faith and convictions to do truth and justice.  You need to do prayer and meditation to get your answer and what I’m hearing right now is YOU NEED TO GO FOR IT!  Go full bore, media, blogging, your church groups for support–everywhere.  Beat the bushes and drum the drums.  Don’t hide that light of yours someplace to appease the IARDC and the Crook County Court system.

First step, do Ken and Bev’s show.  Go look at mine and Ken’s on YouTube

Bev and Ken are saints to do this week after week after week.

I also have disks for you. Bev, can you send Mr. Lanre as many disks as you can find of myself and Ken on your show?

Use what you can to fight this.  Doing so after the fact will weaken your position.

I send you all my best.  We are in this together.  WE ARE A formidable force when we band together.  My blog has 45,000 hits so far, Probate Sharks gets 70,000 per year, NASGA gets 140,000 and Janet Phelan just announced an amazing quarter million per post and she is actively posting on a regular basis statements about myself and Ken.  Gloria does protests outside the Daley Center and the probate court and attys know it and have seen it.

The secret is out.  The Code of Silence talked about in the Greylord books is gone.  We are now discussing billboards, print and other media ads, John Wyman has a book about all this corruption, Gloria is soon to finish a book/movie/documentary and is going to California momentarily.

The devil is a sexy, lusty temptress and her pretty red lips are whispering in your ear “don’t tell, don’t be mean to my friends, I will satisfy your desires.”  Don’t go lusting after that road.  It’s the wrong path.  Next thing you find, your wallet is gone, your wife and family hate you, you have a disease and it hurts to pee!


8 thoughts on “An open letter to Mr. Lanre Amu–stand up proud and report those who overlook, engage and promote unethical and immoral behavior in the courts!

  1. Please see Oparaeche v. Reddy and John Veriha Trucking, 7th circuit slip opinion decided Jan 24 2014. Available on 7th circuits website.

    Mr. Amu prefers to call oppossing counsel Jews on his appeals for fees. I wish I was making this up.

    Perhaps its better he not grant interviews.

    • That’s not the worst I’ve heard on the 18th floor by a long shot. I wish the only dumb things attorneys said were that.
      Would it be different if he called them Nips (who are also known to be cheap) or Scots (definitely cheap–remember the 3 stooges and passing the bottle of scotch). I have seen attorneys fly into rages, b*** me out on the way out of court for merely representing a client who sued them (yawn), and all sorts of things. Poor behavior, but not reportable behavior and you can just say “when your fees are discounted you don’t need to call the judge or opposing counsel Jews.”

      It’s poor behavior, but you have a mouth and you can correct another attorney’s poor behavior.

      I have had attorneys stand up during a deposition, b*** me out and say I am a liar. They apologized later.

      I’ve been around the block. Having fees discounted by an uncaring court is no fun. Besides, Jew is not a bad epithet. It’s just a religion. Call me a Catholic or a Jew, what do I care and what kind of a (poor) insult is that?
      Okay, I looked at the opinion, and I think you are not understanding what Mr. Amu is saying. Certain sects of Jews, Chritians and Muslims do NOT believe in interest (it was then called usury), and it was considered a sin to loan someone money and charge interest. You were supposed to only do loans interest free (interesting). Dante put userers on the 7th level of hell. is the opinion.
      I can see why one would be angry cutting a bill from $52k to $36k and then all the way down to $7k. Happens all the time to solos. That’s why I don’t have an office now. Oh, I help people, I go to court, but I know my bills will be drastically cut by the court and judges because I am not part of the “in crowd.” I don’t want to be part of that crowd. Please shoot me if I ever get there. I’d rather work out of my house than do that. In Olson, where I kept two old people at home for as long as possible–over a year (when the OPG wanted to sell the home and put them in a nursing home and throw the kids in DCFS–two lovely granddaughters), I kept the seniors at home, one is still there, the other had her toes amputated and needs too much care but we put her in a GOOD nursing home, not the dump she was in before, the girls are with a beloved, kind, caring aunt who is now their guardian. I did all of that.
      If I were the OPG I would have gotten my $25k or a lien on the home or something. I am no one doing nothing and I got $5k.
      So I work out of my home. Who cares.
      It’s not fair and I won’t attack anyone over it in a brief, but this is one example of what I find going on in probate. In such a manner they get good honest attorneys out of there.
      Thanks so much for your comments, they are very much appreciated, but the comments Mr. Amu made are NOTHING compared to what I have seen and heard in the hallways. It really cannot be repeated. Those attorneys are somebody. Myself and Mr. Amu are nobody and are expendable.

      • I must’ve been confused about the part where the court says his brief is not worthy of a member of the bar.

        The folks who post content on this blog repeatedly compare themselves to holocaust survivors. They can’t own blatant antisemitism?

      • Once again, Mr. Amu was not being anti semetic in his brief but was making an allegory to the fact that certain more conservative groups of Christians, Muslims and Jews believe that charging interest on money is a sin. Dante put userers on the 7th level of hell for those misdeeds.
        The Review Board was most likely not happy with the fact that Mr. Amu repeatedly makes references to the bible and not to case law. This is probably his habit based upon the religious and conservative clients he represents. If the clients like their briefs that way, I’m not sure it is our job to interfere with that relationship. Most lawyers would consider biblical quotes to be a waste of space in a brief where one could be quoting case law, I know I feel that way, but I am also reluctant to interfere with a client attorney relationship that is working. If the client did not like all the biblical quotes instead of case law, he could fire the lawyer and should do that. Most briefs have tons of cases that are really never considered, and they go on and on for 15 to 20 pages and the panel has already made up their mind regardless.
        So, no, the quote if you analyze it was an anti semetic, it was a reference to something most people don’t know about. The concept is now esoteric and left to your upper level seminary student.

      • Also Mr. DiCiaula, you say you are a member of the Illinos bar. Instead of posting these comments, how about helping some probate victims instead. I can give you some research projects and briefs and memos you can write, even though you are on the other side of the world.
        You CAN make a difference, even there, you know?
        Just let me know and I will privately email you some projects. We can also use more blogs on courtroom corruption.
        Currently I am seeking a copy of the order in the Greylord case that prohibits attorneys from going into the judge’s private areas. Do you have access to Westlaw, Lexis or Fastcase? I can get you that to do your research, or I can give you my Pacer account so you can research this issue. You can also email the the attorneys involved in the Greylord cases. I found about 20 Greylord cases at the Ill. Fed. App. by just searching Greylord and corruption.
        Plmk and take care

  2. Fire away. I am a lawyer licensed in IL and I am in the army. I’m wildly skeptical of your claims. If you think emailing material will cause me to rethink my postion, more power to you.

    • I am sorry you are so very far away. It must be very hard and lonely for you to be away from family and friends. I wish you well. The best part of life, I have found is that you can help people anywhere and under just about any circumstances. I hope you find that joy

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