From Ken Ditkowsky

In 1933 a funny looking no-account rose to power in Germany and by 1936 had International acceptance was a ‘world leader.’    In Russia a similar situation was occurring.  The world was fully informed of what was going to be tagged as the Holocaust, but, nothing was done.  Today, many countries exist with hostile neighbors on all sides and our Department of State overlooks hostile acts.   Americans watch, moan a bit, and contribute money to the very people who promulgate the outrage [munitions dealers].

Elder cleansing is not a new scenario.   The Bible reports incidents, do you think that our Churches do not know that some of their congregants are victims or family members of victims?   do you think that the ACLU is not aware of cases like Mary Sykes/Alice Gore etc?   Bev Cooper, Janet Phelan, Gloria Sykes, JoAnne Denison and many others have been screaming from the roof tops to law enforcement and others concerning the new American Holocaust.   An advertisement in a newspaper is talking to same dead audience that is refusing to go into a pro-active mode to protect their own individual First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment Rights.
What did it take to get public interest in the NSA situation?    What is it taking to get public interest in the IRS targeting of conservative groups?    What is it taking *****.     Going back to 1936 – what did it take to get public interest in the wholesale killing of innocent civilians?
If I had the answer I would provide it.    That does not mean that your idea does not have merit and should not discussed; however, we need a pro-active approach with some sex appeal.  JoAnne and I have filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against the two guardians, the administration of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois and the attorney for the miscreant plenary guardian in the Sykes case.    Previously Gloria filed an Americans with Disabilities case in Federal court alleging that these same defendants had deprived Mary Sykes of a citizens access to the Courts.  (The case was unsuccessful).    JoAnne and I are seeking to protect our parochial civil rights from the use by the miscreants of the ARDC to punish us for speaking out.   Many of us have written to elected officials and agencies such as the Justice Department and the Department of the Treasury.
We have an election coming up in November in which the stakes are very high for a bunch of public officials who would like to get re-elected.   In Illinois we have Senator Durbin.   Senator Durbin is famous for receiving a complaint from a citizen and his office sending a copy of a speech that he allegedly gave in Congress.   When I wrote him about Mary Sykes I got a copy of a speech he gave on Social Security.    Imagine what pro-active message we would send if we could defeat Durbin’s re-election bid.  Or on the other hand, if we could get Durbin to lead the fight for an HONEST complete, intelligent, and comprehensive investigation of these elder cleansing cases.   
This is not partisan political issue.   Senator Durbin could have one or more of our miscreants in his future!!   He could wind up lying in his own urine in a ***** nursing home.   The irony is the fact that everyone of us (including the miscreants themselves) could wind up in a ‘hell hole’ nursing home with one or more of the miscreants as a guardian to be elder cleansed! 
the foregoing notwithstanding it is very clear that Mr. Snowdon is not interested in leaking that information and the NSA is not monitoring our e-mails.  The request that we make is very modest – all we want is an HONEST intelligent, complete and comprehensive investigation!   The reaction is amazing.  The IARDC wants to suspend my license for four years for making such a suggestion and God knows what punishment they desire for JoAnne for publishing a blog that contains the suggestion of an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation.    
Ken Ditkowsky

3 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky

    • Drawing comparisons to Nazis and the Holocaust is a rhetorical device most folks grow out of in the 8th grade. At least your repeated invocation of Graylord has an argument for plausibility.

      • Yes, I know it’s a bit much, and on it’s face appears to be a trite and inappropriate literary device, but see the definition of Godwin’s Law from Wikipedia:

        “Godwin’s law (also known as Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies[1][2]) is an assertion made by American attorney and author Mike Godwin in 1990[2] that has become an Internet adage. It states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”[2][3] In other words, Godwin said that, given enough time, in any online discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably makes a comparison to Hitler or the Nazis.”

        And I have seen people compare relatively minor infractions (complaining, griping, ordering someone to do something) as being Ghestapo like or Nazi like in use, BUT as a corollary to Godwin’s law, it does not actually apply if the behavior is IN FACT what the Nazi’s did, such as pulling teeth for gold, confiscating private and real property without due process, false imprisonment, embezzlement, conversion, theft without due process, gross violations of human and civil rights, placing people in locked down facilities against their will without due process–then Godwin’s law does not in fact apply.

        Godwin’s law is rightfully applied when your mom tells you to clean your room or no dinner or desert. It applies when there is a local ordinance to keep your grass 4″ tall or shorter, to plant only certain species-in fact, most Homeowner’s association rules. While utterly annoying, the Nazi reference need not be invoked and you’re right, amounts to little more than a high school trick. I have to say high school because more and more the WWII holocaust is being forgotten by the younger generations, Steven Spielberg or not.

        But in this case, I think Ken D. is right to make the reference, also reference to the gulag state the Polit Bureau promulgated in the USSR, etc.

        Why? Because we just receive far too many valid complaints that seniors are being railroaded into guardianships, placed against their will in nursing homes where they are drugged into zombie like states (chemical restraints) when in fact 1/3 of psychotropic drugs (chemical restraints) are sold to nursing homes when in fact THERE IS NO FDA APPROVAL for the employment of any psychotropic drug to those over 60 or under 20 due to the harsh effects on all internal organs and the brain. These drugs are simply derivatives of the age old Thorazine or horse tranquilizer. Soon as the senior is imprisoned wronfully in the nursing home, they are drugged, their estates drained by probate attorneys, Guardians ad Litem, case (mis) managers, (anti) social workers, visiting nurses and the like, all tied in, all unrated, nothing you can chose, no bills the family can object to, millions fall off inventories, tens of thousands fall off yearly accountings. Games here and games there means the victim has no chance at all of not being rendered penniless and homeless by the system–and don’t fool yourself, the probate system invalidates contracts, agreements, POA’s are as worthless as toilet paper. There is nothing to stop these tied up and tied in human greed machines. Court rules and procedure, the Rules of Civil Procedure and case law, the state Supreme Court Rules of court procedure don’t apply in probate. It’s all tossed out the window.

        So, I submit to you, good catch on that one, but there is good argument that Godwin’s law does not apply here.

        There is another rule here too: use stereotypes, they save time.

        And the Nazi reference DID draw your attention to this blog and so you might be better educated about what is actually going on in our nation’s court system, even if it was only to write me and say PUHLEEZE, nazi reference, are you kidding?

        thanks for the comment and thanks for reading the blog.

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