Some Judges just need an award for outstanding efforts–Here comes “Bully on the Bench”


From an attorney who wishes to remain anonymous (he has more than a few submissions)

BULLY ON THE BENCH,  a weekly activist show heard around the world….

Every week we want to hear about a Bully-On-The-Bench ™ .  The “winning” Bully will be awarded a certificate suitable for framing. (We will not provide frames; but what judge would not be proud to display such a distinguished award on their “I love me wall”.)  We would like to personally award the certificate in a photo op; but as those of us on the Cook County “judicial terrorist watch list” know, the odds of doing that more than once will probably result in false criminal charges.


Join us on the Radio every Friday from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM.  So far the radio station is very pleased with our listener base and our callers.  (Last week we had listeners from the Czech Republic and Germany – don’t ask me why, guess they are just radicals.)  We need you to tune in and call to keep the show going.  I know they have us set up for Facebook and probably those other social media things.  (I need to really learn all that stuff.)  And I will let you know as I know.


Remember, this radio station is an activist radio station.  They do not shy away from controversy.


So call in to 773-217-8344.


In Chicago, they are on the radio dial at 1710 AM (also streams on the internet at: for those in the Czech Republic and Germany, or where ever you are.)


As always, the show will be controversial.  If you get a busy signal, it just means that all the lines are full.  Wait a few minutes and call back.  We want to hear what you have to say.


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