From Alyece Russell — write to the Am. Aca. of Neurosurgeons!


Dear Readers;

One of the things I have not thought of is actually writing to the American Academy of Neurosurgeons to warn them of what is going on in probate.  However, I have to tell you that MN has been told by various doctors in Chicago, that even they have noticed that the more money and property has, the more likely Rabin-Amdur-Shaw or another “probate doc” will say an oldster is demented!  Imagine that.

Read on, from Alyece:

rom: Alyece Russell
Sent: Jan 16, 2014 7:10 AM
To:, “ElderAngels, Inc.” , Elaine Renoire ,
Subject: Fwd: An Appointment

I wanted to forward this letter……NO one was [sufficiently] professional to contact/email me to find out WHAT the issue was regarding my mother who is an elderly……..who doesn’t understand English.  The elderlyare a group of people that America society has  little regard for their rights especially and especially a non-speaking elderly who isn’t American.  A prisoner and an animal has more legal rights.

 How can the laws be reformed if one first doesn’t listen to problems that can occur with the elderly.  One problem is that the medical field, unless it is a psychologist/
psychiatrist, doesn’t understand that the caretaker/family member can have a criminal personality.  The medical profession are putting the elderly in the hands of someone who can be dangerous.   This issue needs to be addressed.
How can we protect the elderly when you have organizations that aren’t professional to want to know the problem.
———- Forwarded message ———-From: Alyece Russell <>
Date: Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 1:54 PM
Subject: An Appointment

To the American Academy of Neurology:

I am sure that the neurologists and neuroscience professionals are dedicated to promoting the highest quality patient-centered neurologic care but it has come to my attention that the in the medical field the laws need to be reformed.  A serious situation has happened concerning my mother who is a foreign who CAN NOT speak English well and is 86 yrs. old and please do not think I am blaming the medical field but neurologists are one of the first in line in treating the elderly.
May I along with my mother’s friends come forward to represent what has happened to the executive and legal administration.  This is sad situation for my mother especially when she can’t speak her language to communicate to a doctor nor did the doctor have a translator present.  This is vital for one to be able to speak one’s feelings/thoughts completely  or emotional/psychological problems can worsen the situation.
Please do not think I am the type of person who believes in suing because I don’t.  I believe problems needs to be heard, addressed and seek a solution.  Laws in the medical profession need to be reexamined.
Time is not on my side my mother is 86 yrs. old and I hope you will allow me to meet with the executive or legal administration.  May my situation help others, I do not want anyone to go through this nightmare.
Thank you.
Ms. Russell

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