Dangerous Choices – a nursing home survey

Dear Readers;

As many of you have read right here on this blog, I was recently in court when Judge Stuart informed me that there is no caselaw indicating that home placement with a kind, caring relative or friend is preferred over nursing home placement.  That was related to me in the case In re Janie Thomas, 10 P 7666.

While not to burst anyone’s bubble over how grand nursing home placement is, and you have seen wonderful stories right here on this blog and on John Wyman’s blog and on other blogs (www.stopguardianabuse.org) as to such grandeur and elegance – not, here is a wonderful, wonderful report that speaks volumes on the subject.

Click to access Dangerous%20Choices.pdf

provides a wonderful, detailed report on how it is such a very nice idea to make that choice.

Despite the fact you can’t have your own stuff, you stuff gets immediately lost, stolen, destroyed, you live in a one room cell, people like Katherine Spera were never taken out of doors for nearly 3 years, yeah, I get all that.

Sounds like Disney land to me.

But the important part of all of this is under the law, it is not really the choice of the courts or family to make the decision, but it is the decision of the ward or alleged ward herself.  That’s all that counts.  Most people don’t want nursing home placement, if it can all be avoided.  Bad food, bad accommodations and who knows who is living with your or who is on staff.



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