Some Great Recommendations for Mr. Amu

Dear Reader;

As you are aware, Atty Amu suspected, and then noted, that some Cook County judges were acting “corruptly”, that is, not in accordance with rules, laws, standards and norms in the courts.  After looking at public records of many of these judges, I have to agree, there is something rotten going on.  I have asked the question about all this but have not received a response yet.

For those of you not keeping up with SCOI (Ill. Sup. Ct. news), it turns out that the SCOI justices somehow amassed $3 million in campaign funds from those interested in making the “right” decision on Illinois pension cases.  While Citizen’s United language (SCOTUS case, 2008 decision, Google cases), makes it clear anyone can donate money to any entity or thing, it is your constitutional right, at some point this runs right smack dab against looking corrupt.  After all, our infamous former gov. Blago only wanted to sell an US senate seat for $1 million in campaign donations and went to club fed med for that one.

What if the SCOI justices and their wives were wire tapped?  What  if one said, “hey honey, I think we’re set for life now, just asked for and got $1 million to write a certain opinion in a certain way for a pension fund protection group”.  Is that the same or different than what Blago did?  Is it honest services under the Honest Services Act?  Is that what our SCOTUS justices envisioned was okay under Citizens United?  Does the wire tap and intruding into a politician’s privacy make it all different somehow?

Did you know that when a politician announces that he will no longer run for office, he can dump out accrued campaign funds into his personal bank account and it is taxes as ordinary income?  Most of the news articles skip that juicy detail.

And I’m only asking the question, I’m not giving you an answer or saying what is correct.

Read on for Ken’s recommendations to Mr. Amu to focus in his brief, which is due soon to SCOI–the Illinois judges with a public disclosure of $3 million in funding, for what?


From Ken Ditkowsky:

 The fact that Mr. Larkin and the IARDC did not find it necessary to meet the procrustean standard of “clear and convincing evidence” with actual testimony and the hearing and review commission just rubber stamped Larkin’s determination as true and you as a ‘bad guy” is a great deal more than suspicious.    I’ve copied Mr. Holder in regard to my comments as it is my opinion that you are being discriminated against.    My reading of the Review Commission report draws the ‘red line’ of racial discrimination and in this day and age all artificial criterion that deny a citizen of his liberty and property rights are unacceptable.    I think an HONEST, INTELLIGENT comprehensive and complete investigation should be done by the Justice Department and the State of Illinois to determine if 42 USCA 1983 is being violated by Mr. Larkin and the IARDC in connection with their prosecution of you.
The brief should be direct and concentrate on: 1) Atty Larkin and the IARDC lack of jurisdiction (as they lack a delegation from the Illinois Supreme Court) to monitor your critical content (political speech) concerning the conduct of certain judges [because to do so would run directly counter to your First Amendment rights].   (The fact that these judges did not hold you in contempt is strong evidence in your favor); and  2) that in light of the significant number of judicial scandals that have occurred in the United States and in particular Illinois (where judges are elected) you have a duty to report misconduct; See 18 USCA section 4; and 3) as Judges are elected in Illinois you have a right to discuss with your peers the qualifications of all elected officials and Mr. Larkin lacks any authority to interfere.    If you violated decorum the offended judges could have promulgated contempt proceedings and did not.
Remember you have only 20 pages.
Ken Ditkowsky
I have to agree with Ken that attorneys have full First Amendment rights to criticize a judge, a court, a law, statute or rule, and a court decision with impunity.  Too many people right now are far too dissatisfied with our current court system and their perceived lack of justice to do otherwise.  The complaints I hear of courts running without jurisdiction–no proper summons and complaint served upon the respondent is nothing less than shocking.  And when you combine that with serious human rights determinations–guardianships and conservatorships where every penny is drained and handed over to probate attorneys, GAL’s, conserverators without justification and accountability and no input from family members, Ken’s assertions that the U.S. is running a system of near gulags for the elderly becomes clear.  Once the estate is drained and the elder is penniless, they then are at serious risk for homelessness, abuse and tragedy.
To date, the IARDC has not conducted one iota of an investigation or apology to the Cooper/Gore family as to why Alice Glore was isolated and her gold teeth mined from her–at age 99!

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