From Jim Simms down south–a concern over prosecutorial conduct

And yet another article that is causing a flap, and that is one from down south regarding one of their SC justices speaking out against prosecutorial misconduct and the prosecutors want his disqualified.

Problem is, Justice Beatty makes some good points about 1) not allowing prosecutors to control a trial schedule 2) holding a defendant for 18 months to force a plea bargain; 3) the old fashioned practice of prosecuting a prostitute and not the customer.

Read on for additional information:

Of course, the fist protest you get is “he can’t say that”–a clear warning that someone is hiding something.  If the prosecutors were honest, they would respond with his concerns, claim they should not have control over trial scheduling–the court should do that, and also prosecute fairly and evenly.  The Sawyer case has made it clear, if you are not on a case, you can criticize the law, the case law, the statutes and whatever else you find that is not correct or which may be corrupted or corruptible.

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