Pluto cold–Heard today in Probate court on the 18th floor–a nursing home is better than in home placement

So dear readers;

Image this.  You are elderly, you live with your elderly sister whom had gone the 27th mile in a marathon to provide tender, loving care to you in your advanced age and health.  You are not well.  You whine and groan and keep her up late at night.  You have lived with her for several years now and not paid rent and she is your devoted, loving care taker.  She quit her job to take care of you.

So, today you go to court on the 18th floor.  A miscreant atty proposes the OPG as guardian which means sister will have to live in a nursing home, away from your beloved, comfortable home with your devoted and loving sister with a long term bond.

One, lonesome, but passionate attorney argues that this is NOT the best placement, and argues the above. She further argues that nursing home placement is more dangerous than in home placement with a loving, caring, devoted sister.

The response form the court?  Incredulously and coldly, there is no case law that says a nursing home is dangerous or less preferred than in home placement, and the sister can just go see her at the nursing home every day as she desires.

Cold?  I think about 227 below and it’s Celcius I’m talking and not Farenheit.  It’s not just Alaska at night cold, it’s Pluto cold*–the non planet.

I’m just saying.  And karma that comes around goes around.  Not a one of the other attorneys spoke up for this poor ward and the best thing for her.  I think there were 3 other attys there, including the GAL, the brother’s attorney (who had no objection to all of this) and the OPG.  Of course not the OPG, Tom Brennan, intake counsel for the OPG already told me before “some people just remain in their own communities for far too long and aren’t institutionalized promptly enough.”  Already reported that.  Pluto cold if you ask me.


* “pluto cold” from “universitytoday” website:

Zero Kelvin is the absolute zero temperature; a theoretical maximum point where no more energy can be extracted from a system. 0-degrees Kelvin corresponds to -273-degrees Celsius.

The surface of Pluto, in comparison, can range from a low temperature of 33 Kelvin (-240 degrees Celsius or -400 degrees Fahrenheit) and 55 Kelvin (-218 degrees Celsius or -360 degrees Fahrenheit). The average surface temperature on Pluto is 44 Kelvin (-229 Celsius or -380 Fahrenheit).

I think we just have to use Kelvin anymore to describe the 18th floor and it’s inhabitants.

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