Awaiting the Decision of the IARDC on SCOI’s most recent attempt to control the situation

From Ken Ditkowsky:

The recent Supreme Court of Illinois case has placed the IARDC between a rock and a hard place.  The words:

before professional discipline may be imposed under Supreme Court Rule 770, the Administrator must demonstrate that the attorney violated the Rules of Professional Conduct. To the extent that any of our prior cases suggest that an attorney may be subjected to professional discipline for conduct that is not prohibited by the Rules of Professional Conduct or defined as misconduct therein, we hereby reject such a suggestion. As a matter of due process, an attorney who is charged with misconduct and faces potential discipline must be given adequate notice of the charges, including the rule or rules he is accused of violating. Personal misconduct that falls outside the scope of the Rules of Professional Conduct may be the basis for civil liability or other adverse consequences, but will not result in professional discipline.
In re Karavidas, 2013 IL 115767
 tell the IARDC in no uncertain terms that the First Amendment assaults on JoAnne and myself are totally improper.     Read in context of all that is going on it is also clear that if Larkin is going to survive he is going to have to do a bit of CYA.   Thus, as our goal is to get Mary Sykes free – and hopefully for the holidays he may need a bit of guidance.   
Miriam Solo is a prime target!    She, Adam Stern, and Cynthia Farenga are made to order!    Each has made enough statements to convict them of – you name it!    Schmiedel and his associates are guilty of perversion of the English language and single handed making the obvious phrases obscure.     What these people have done to Gloria is obscene and they should pay.  Therefore, the IARDC got my Himmel charges against them post haste.  
All I am asking and all that Larkin has to do is to call on the USA and/or the States attorney to do an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation!    Pure and Simple!    If he does it loud and clear all the dirty deeds of his staff and miscreants comes to the surface and CYA sweeps into the hero’s box!
If you remember in the cop shows the cop turns to the bad guys and says:  “there is deal for the first one who talks!”   Well little friends – this time there is a deal for the first one who comes forth with the truth!!!      I do not expect the staff members to come forth – they are afraid of Larkin!   Larkin however is not one to go down with the ship!   Ergo!!
Of course if no one come forth – the excerta will pile up in bigger and bigger piles and it will bury the whole bunch.   Unfortunately, the miscreants will all get the deals and when the stench clears it will look like Larkin and his staff were the instigators of all the bad things in this world and sued their influence on Solo, Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel etc to ******.     But for **** our miscreants would have been as pure as the un -driven snow!   
Gloria’s petition and affidavit are an incentive to one or more of the staff of the IARDC to come forward and ring the bell!    Sorry – I had a uncontrollable impulse when she handed me a big rock in front of that large plate glass window!! 

Incidentially – have you ever seen what happens when you drive a golf ball through a window!   It neat!   First there is a small round hole and then *****!!!!
As Larkin is the smartest of the bunch – my money is on him to ride the ‘white’ steed!
Ken Ditkowsky

Yes, it has been 15 days and counting since the Karavidas decision.  It has been months since the Virginia State Bar decision where the Virginia bar told the VBS they should not regulate an attorney’s blog publishing the cases he won (In re Hunter) and it has been more than half a century since the case of In re Sawyer wherein the Hawaiian Bar association was firmly told by SCOTUS that a lawyer can criticicize a court, a decision and a law, rule or statute and that was HER constitutional  right.

So now we wait to see if another CYA will come along.

In response to complaints Ken has filed against JL and his staff of CYA minions, apparently the IARDC has appointed “special counsel” for those persons.  So if you have a complaint against the IARDC for NOT processing your valid complaint against an attorney, trashing it on ridiculous grounds (Wyman, Sykes, Gore), keep on filing them and send them to the Special Counsel, Mr. David Mann who may not have been told the entire story by JL:

His letter is as follows and please write him.

of the
David S. Mann
Special Counsel
November 19,2013
Mr. Kenneth Karl Ditkowsky
Ditkowsky & Contorer
5940 West Touhy Avenue
Suite 230
Niles, Illinois 60714-4604

131 S. Dearborn St., Ste. 3000
Chicago, IL 60603-5583
Telephone: (312) 715-5707
Re: Jerome E. Larkin
in relation to
Kenneth Karl Ditkowsky
No. 2013 IN 05181

Dear Mr. Ditkowsky:
The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (“ARDC”) has received your
communication regarding Jerome E. Larkin.
I am one of the independent lawyers the ARDC Commissioners appointed to review complaints
and allegations against attorneys associated with the ARDC. Your communication was referred to me
because Mr. Larkin is the Administrator of the ARDC.
I will ask Mr. Larkin to submit a response to the matters you have raised. A copy of his response
may be sent to you for your comments. I will then determine whether further investigation is required.
If I need additional information from you, I will contact you and, of course, will advise you of
any decision in the matter. Please notify me of any changes in your address or telephone number.
Very truly yours,
David S. Mann
ARDC Special Counsel

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