Answers to FOIA request for salaries and to Ethics Reporting

Today was a twofer.  I received back the following letter responses to my request for FOIA on salaries for all attys, managers and supervisors at the IARDC and was told it was not  a “public body” or “any legislative, executive, administrative, or advisory bodies of the State.”

So no FOIA for the IARDC.  They even cited a case;

See the letter below:


The next letter I wrote to Jesse White, Secretary of State asking that he instruct the IARDC to do their ethics reporting.

You can see the letter below:

He responded it was not his job to do this, that it is the responsibility of the branch, agency, authority or board of state government to determine who has to file first, so I guess it’s back to the IARDC counsel to make that determination first and enfoce the state law.  I will do another fax to the IARDC.

I also received a list of ARDC defense attorneys and I will email each of them and see if any of them has any interest in handling my case and on what terms and conditions.

So many interesting things to do this week, besides my regular research to root out troubles and issues with attys and judges.



2 thoughts on “Answers to FOIA request for salaries and to Ethics Reporting

    • It’s as obvious as yesterday’s news and that’s why it’s important TO WRITE THEM, CALL THEM, FAX THEM and tell them to do their ethics reporting for all the years each atty worked at the IARDC, filed a complaint against an honest attorney for speaking out against corruption, blogged about it, got involved as an activist.
      Why some of the large organizations can’t get behind this is beyond me.,, even should be posting petitions and telling the IARDC that attorneys have first amendment rights. The most important of those is to freely allow political speech.

      I am not engaging in a pissing match with my neighbor over my grass, the kids, softball coaching.

      I am telling the public, as a lawyer, I see an elephant pooing in the courtroom and as an educated professional, that is my political speech and I am entitled to do that.

      That speech should be a sacred cow in the US, if anything is a sacred cow here. These judges and attorneys and GALs are public figures. The judges are or should be elected. A famous, political figure or celeb is subject to scrutiny and attack at all levels.

      Read the decision in Atty Amu’s case. It is an insult and a travesty. He says he sees corrupt judges. The IARDC responds with a kangaroo court, brings in no witnesses to testify there is no corruption and they take away his law license! McCarthyism, brown shirting all over again.

      When will we ever learn? After all the flowers are gone?

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