In case you didn’t know, paying off a loan for a judge is “Dishonest Services”

Dear Readers;

It would appear, and I would hope, that no longer are judges receiving envelopes stuffed with cash, so if you want to corrupt a judge or a court, how would you do it?

Here’s an interesting story of how one man with a lot of money, did it in two steps:  first a nice large campaign contribution and then something a little more personal:  he took out a loan on the judge’s home and paid it off for him.  How very kind of him.  But apparently the judge did not report that and someone took it as “Dishonest Services”.

Oh, there was a lot of legal argument, and the attorney involved, a Paul Minor, has argued for years “there is nothing wrong with that”, but he did not win that argument in the end and served time at club fed med.

Here is the article:

And while I have heard that some of my probate victims have gone to Timothy C Evans, presiding judge of the circuit court with evidence of highly suspect loan records and documents, and they have gone to the FBI and nothing has happened, apparently the FBI did investigate in Atty Minor’s case:


and yet another great article on some investigative research showing the problem is wide spread:

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