Medicare cuts to Highly Profitable “advantage” type programs have taken effect

While one recent client has divulged to me the fact that “Medicare Advantage” programs have operated at high profitability levels, while engaging in many shennanigans of cutting services, denying claims arbitrarily, etc., the below article explains much more.

If you know of a senior enrolled in one of these programs you might want to think again.  I have already published news stories on these companies denying claims unfairly (woman with broken back story), and I hope to publish a new complaint soon with permission of the client.

Bush, during his term in office, started these programs because he said he wanted to “shift them to the private sector” and away from government.  So he offered lucrative incentives.  Those are still there and the insurance companies have profited at outstanding rates of return.  Problem is, from the article and many stories, they don’t do as good of a job.


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