A Response letter to Loyola University–please help us lawyers protect the elderly!

To: “lawalumni@luc.edu” <lawalumni@luc.edu>
Cc: Eric Holder <askdoj@usdoj.gov>, matt senator kirk <matt_abbott@kirk.senate.gov>, “illinois.ardc@gmail.com” <illinois.ardc@gmail.com>, Cook County States Attorney <statesattorney@cookcountyil.gov>
Subject: Re: A day to reflect and give thanks
Date: Jul 31, 2013 9:48 AM
Thank you for your communication.
It is indeed a day to reflect and give thanks.   It is a day that closer to the eradication of ‘elder cleansing’ (the sister of ethic and racial cleansing).    It is a day closer to the legal profession recognizing that when a senior citizen such as Mary Sykes is ‘railroaded’ into a guardian ship and deprived of her liberty and property by a Court lacking jurisdiction such is a terrorist act assaulting the core values of America.    Indeed, we are lucky indeed  (and grateful) that citizens such as those who have banned together in NASGA, Probate Sharks, et al are staying the course to keep alive the opposition to the American gulag that has enveloped so much of the national probate judicial system.     As Dr. King stated:  everything that Hitler did was legal!   It was immoral but legal.   Elder cleansing aided and abetted by miscreants not wearing ‘brown shirts’ is still amoral and wrong.
Governor Quinn is reported to have set up an agency to deal with elder abuse and Financial exploitation (elder cleansing is  when the finances are redirected from the senior citizen – Like Mary Sykes – to the miscreants .    The victim is then kept isolated from those she loves, such as  her sisters, her younger daughter, her friends, her activities and her home (which has now been sold).   Mary Sykes ( senior victim) is thus placed in a nursing home warehouse to die!  – In the Sykes case one of the GALs was reported to have informed the Court of the wonderful progress Mary was making – until interrupted by an unauthorized visit from Mary’s elderly sister, her neice, her younger daughter and a family friend.    Of course the GAL and the plenary guardian immediately acted to stop Mary Sykes’ visit with her family and the local police terminated the unauthorized visit.    Rest assurred Mary has been once again moved to a secret location so that her isolation can continue unabated!)    We pray that this is not just another bureaucratic cemetery.
I want you to know that my three years at Loyola Law School taught me to stand up for the First Amendment.  Thus even though the Illinois ARDC considers it unethical for me to exercise my First Amendment Rights and be critical of the new American Holocaust  I have copied them  on this e-mail just to make certain that they are aware that I am not repentant for being an American and following the principles that Loyola embedded in me more than a half century ago.
If I never properly expressed my appreciation to Loyola I do it now.
Ken Ditkowsky


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