Making Headway on the Wyman Case, bit by bit, step by step

Today was a very good day in court.  While it is sad that Powell Wyman died on June 22, 2013, we finally found out his passing and John Wyman was able to obtain keys and information on past due bills and the status of his mother’s home.

John and Bill intend to fix up the house and John will move back there as Mother Carol Wyman’s primary caretaker.

See below:

Dear JoAnne

I’ve tried to call you with my thoughts of what transpired this morning in room 217, I can’t thank you enough for being there on my mother’s behalf; but as to a victory I don’t see it that way.  All that happened today is we won the war of attrition because my mother outlived her husband.  [Because the home was in joint tenancy with rights of survivorship] in the deed for the house, Sharon Rudy had no choice but to hand over the keys to the property in court today.

How ironic is it that after four years of a legal battle, where my mother’s rights were clearly violated, she’ll finally be able to come home and spend her final days surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in a house this court deemed unfit for her to live in. But this happened only after the plenary guardian, together with the public guardian, continually ignored their fiduciary duties as to my mother’s estate, which was all she was left with–and all under the “color of law”.

On the other hand, I performed my fiduciary duties with all my reports to room 217 as to my mother’s well being and care she has received under my watch: medical, physical and psychological.  Every year.  Faithfully.  [Actually for 4 years John has done all the cooking, cleaning, chores, mother care–everything–as her primary caretaker, a formidable task]. But what did Powell Wyman report via Sharon Rudy?  They have left my mother’s estate in a financial ruin, with the following bills unpaid, and without notice to family members: back property taxes from 2910-2011 an amount of $4,938,  2012 property taxes: $3,920 dollars and over $2,000 dollars in utilities!  How can this be? I did my duty, so then how can the court not make them do theirs!?!?!
I will take my hollow victory, and if I have to beg borrow or steal, make all of this right for Winnifred, but there should be justice for their ineptness as to protecting her estate!

Again they should be held liable, and again I can’t thank you enough for all you have done so far.

With Many Many Thanks

John Howard Wyman, Guardian of the Person and Son of Winifred Carol Wyman an alleged disabled person

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