From the Chicago Tribune today,

Yet another article on corruption in the nursing homes.  In this case, Mr. Esformes made $4,000 magically grow to $7 million via manipulation of pharmacies connected to nursing homes in a matter of months!

He claims innocence.  The Judge says he must go to trial.

In an earlier post on this blog, I received a cease and desist letter from an Esformes atty stating that his client was never indicted by a grand jury.  Ok. So this is better?

He might just try taking care of old people for a reasonable price rather than getting part of the type of shady transactions wherein a federal court judge says “this must go to trial.”

Note the use of the False Claims act which allows ordinary citizens to sue on behalf of the US government when the USG has been swindled.  Another whistleblower may become a great taxpayer hero here.

And, again, note the amounts in controversy are in the millions, you don’t see the US or state’s attorneys involved in this, and it took years to get to this point.



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