Here’s a great ad from someone on the “Most Wanted” list of NASGA….

KDD got this one:

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From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jul 9, 2013 8:14 AM
To: “zam
Subject: Re: Miriam Solo on Twitter

Thank you for forwarding Attorney Solo’s Twitter advertisement.
I am certain the Coopers would like to know how their complaints that a 1.5 million dollar estate was reduced to zero. I am sure Mr. Schwartz who was the victim of a citation proceeding based upon imaginary promissory notes et al would be impressed.
Of course, the attorney may be accurately describing her own clients and implying how she deals with them.
The long and short is this advertisement by Ms. Solo is a symptom of the culture of ‘elder cleansing.’   It is how the FIRST AMENDMENT can be trampled upon by Illinois government and the Rule of Law decreed by the United States Supreme Court is ignored by a state agency with limited delegation.   It is how this same State agency gives the attorneys linked to ‘elder cleansing’ a pass and prosecutes those attorneys who complaint.   Elder Cleansing, Ethic Cleansing, Racial Cleansing are all symptoms of ‘sick societies!’
This is the reason those of us who are affected by the problems created by predators attacking and looting the estates of those individuals in our society who may be disabled must stand up and be counted.     The predation cannot be swept under the rug – it must be exposed and mediated.   The Sykes case, the Gore case, Tyler, Wyman, et al cannot be allowed to ‘covered up’   The Governor signed a bill the other day providing for another impotent agency to protect against elder abuse and financial exploitation of the elderly.   When the Probate Court will not or cannot follow the law as laid down in 755 ILCS 5/11a -1 et seq. the process in not hopeful.
What we need is an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of the ‘core’ elder cleansing cases and and honest attempt at addressing the problem    The ‘greedy relatives’ and the attorneys dealing with them should be investigated and if they acted inappropriately dealt with in a proper manner.
Ken Ditkowsky

What lawyer would write this

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From: Moshe Gluck>
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 22:50:41 -0500
To: R’ Moshe Solo
Subject: Miriam Solo on Twitter

Miriam Solo

Miriam Solo


Lawyer dealing with greedy relatives who want their share even before the body is cold. Thank God for love, children, grandchildren and the week ends.

2 thoughts on “Here’s a great ad from someone on the “Most Wanted” list of NASGA….

  1. The world would be a safer place if Miriam would just come outta the closet already….stop being so destructive with all she feels she has to hold inside. :-/

  2. The danger of Miriam Solo doesn’t lie so much in that she’s a scoundrel.. insomuch as her ability to put on realistic & believable masks to cover it.

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