From KDD — more on the smoking gun and a request for a wellness check.

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jun 1, 2013 7:38 AM
To: GLORIA SYKES , JoAnne Denison , NASGA , probate sharks , scott evans , DiAnn Matson , “” , Eric Holder , Harry Heckert , j ditkowsky , Bill
Cc: Cook County States Attorney , Cook Sheriff
Subject: the trials and tribulations of Gloria Sykes

Gloria –
Indeed a great number of strange things have occurred since your mother was kidnapped and became a victim of the miscreants.    The strangest of all is the tardy disclosure by the IARDC in JoAnne’s case of the Farenga – smoking gun letter.   After sequestering it (and Black in her 214 affidavit being a stranger to the truth) why was it produced at all.   We would never know.   Why was it produced after I was wrongfully disqualified as your attorney?
The answer that most people would arrive at is that Black (she now uses her married name) was removed from the case and therefore with her gone she could not longer protect his relationship with Farenga.    If you recall, you reported that Brodsky had reported to the Court concerning conversations with Black that contained alleged material that would have been confidential material concerning me.   You complained to the IARDC.
Reading the ‘smoking gun letter’ the letter is addressed to Black, but, she is minor cog in the IARDC machine.    Her discretion was slim and none.   Ms. Farenga is issuing an order – the order is stop the attorneys from calling for an investigation – someone might hear and listen!
Whoever released the Farenga ‘smoking gun’ letter either did not read it first, or was of high morals and took Rule 214 very seriously, or just is fed up with the IARDC and other political entities ignoring senior citizen abuse and senior citizen financial exploitation by ‘judicial officials!’
What makes this letter even stranger is the fact that today the miscreants do not at this point in time deliver white envelopes with cash in them to the people they wish to reward for extra judicial services.    The rewards are much more subtle.   A couple of nice nursing home beds, a job, a job for a relative, a contract, an appointment by the Court or a public agency, a promotion, etc.     The job for a relative is a favorite however, campaign contributions are a close second.   Your investigation revealed that Farenga’s husband was making contributions to a Federal Representative who you believed was her ‘clout.’    The representative’s ***** was a strong confirmation.
All that is behind us!    The ‘smoking gun’ letter is a clear window into the ‘clout’ ‘protections’ and the scope of the corruption.     I’ve spread the letter and its attachment of record by a Motion to Dismiss.    I’ve sent copies of the letter to General Holder, Senator Kirk, Senator Durbin, etc.    The letter is not going to disappear and if not a current subject of investigation, when it become fashionable to once again protect the elderly from abuse, and financial exploitation the tie in between the miscreants, the IARDC and ***** will not be easily swept under the rug.
You are a prize winning journalist with a resume of successful investigations.    The disclosure of the IARDC of its relationship to the miscreants and why they are immune from investigation is  topic that should be addressed.   I’ve copied General Holder and others  so that you will be too hot for the miscreants just to enter your home, beat you up, and remove your intellectual property – and get away with it.    I’ve copied the sherriff and the states attorney so that they cannot claim ignorance and I am herewith demanding an investigation of how in the United States of America the ‘thought police’ can enter a journalist’s home, with the Sheriff’s deputies present, beat her up, remove her notes, writings, investigative reports etc and after she exhibits the marks and bruises refuse to prosecute the miscreants.
The time to raise a ‘hue and cry’ is now!     I’ve copied a representative of the Naperville Police Department with the e-mail and I am demanding a wellness check of Mary Sykes.    Too many seniors have developed sudden mysterious illnesses, die and are quickly cremated.    Rudy is complaining as to what happened to his mother and my head is still spinning in relation to the Jaycox matter.    The rationalization – she is 90, she lived a full life, it is ****- just does not fly.    Over a million dollars in Au coins has not been inventoried by the miscreants – at the very least the miscreants should pay the United States Federal Income taxes.
Gloria – you have the talent, the experience, and the know how to bring the American Taliban evidenced in the Farenga letter to public attention.    (I’ve copied the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-times and they have ignored these cases of elder abuse and financial exploitation the elderly  – others have contacted the ‘media’ and they also are not interested)
 I may sound like a broken record, but, every day of life is precious and as long as one senior is secretly being abuse or financially exploited and law enforcement sits on its hands as an American I have a duty to do something.    So does every other American – Democracy is not a spectator sport.
Ken Ditkowsky

Dear Ken;


I agree with you on the wellness check.  Mary will disappear unless we keep the checks up. They should be done every week to 10 days.  AND there should be some sort of provision preventing her from be cremated right away.  C.f.  my other stories of endangered seniors.

Rissman in Indiana is a recent one.  Gore and Drabik aren’t long ago.  For those that have ears willing to hear.


2 thoughts on “From KDD — more on the smoking gun and a request for a wellness check.

    • Thanks for emailing me and following the blog. Lots of craziness in Probate in Illinois. Theft, embezzlement, forged checks, thugs, atty liars and thiefs–just another day in Crook County!
      We already have videos but no access to Mary. She is isolated and continues to be so.
      The ARDC is after our butts for emailing and blogging, and you can well imagine how that goes ****.
      take care

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