From Anthony Santini–a letter from a Concerned Citizen who wants Lady Justice Ensured in Court

From: Anthony Santiny
Sent: May 30, 2013 5:35 AM
To: kenneth ditkowsky , “” , Eric Holder , NASGA , Harry Heckert , probate sharks , j ditkowsky , JoAnne Denison
Subject: Re: report on corruption in cook county

I seconded my own letter to the IARDC as a concerned citizen.

Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission
130 E. Randolph, Suite 1500
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Re:      MOTION TO DISMISS proceedings against Kenneth Ditkowsky 2012 PR 0014 & JoAnne Denison[1]. 2013 PR 0001 &  Copy of Record for Appeal.

Dear Sir(s),

As a United States citizen who believes in my First Amendment rights, I question the motives of the IARDC in your collective decision related to the above cited case.  How dare you trample on the first amendment! American citizens have a right to freedom of speech and this right is set forth in our Constitution. Lawyers are indeed citizens too, or has that fact escaped the IARDC’s attention? I have reviewed the evidence that led up to your decision and I am appalled. How can a committee made up of people sworn to protect our constitution, supported by U.S. taxpayers, and under oath to protect the rights of U.S. citizens, conspire to usurp the right of an attorney to practice law; whose sole act was requesting a redress of a judicial decision? The case of Mary Sykes, on the face of the evidence, is rife with questionable rulings made by cook county judges. It also reeks of manipulation of the facts by court appointed probate Guardians ad Litem! I have known Kenneth Ditkowsky more than 10 years. Lawyers like Ditkowsky and Joanne Denison give average citizens like myself hope that whenever we seek justice there are honest legal practitioners who will represent our interests well. By restricting their right to practice law, you do the American public a grave disservice. This pure act gives one the impression that the IARDC aligns itself with the very same people who conspire to fleece the elderly and infirm of their rights (and assets). I cannot think of anything as despicable as stealing a person’s life savings; subjecting them to the care of state institutions that serve more as hospice centers than retirement homes. I have seen and read too much evidence that points squarely in the direction of corruption in the courts; where government appointed and elected officials take the prime cut because they do not fear the repercussions. When such a sickness manifests itself, then more and more officials figure its OK to follow suit. Greed sets in and honest citizens become victims of a legal system that aligns itself with campaign donors and fee for seats promoters.

It appears that many Cook County citizens are afraid to come forth and take a stand on Cook County court corruption under fear that their own future probate proceedings could be singled out and “managed” against their wishes; where judges and lawyers use them as scapegoats to quell any dissent that could arise as a result of their unconstitutional and illegal judicial decisions; these acts aimed solely at stealing away estate proceeds to enrich their personal coffers. What a blatant abuse of the public trust!

There was a time when Cook County courts were a shining example of justice. Let us rely once more on the Cook County judicial system to right the wrongs done its citizenry. It is every citizen’s expectation and right to a fair and impartial justice system that supports and promotes the laws of our land; not one that supports cronyism and corruption. Kenneth Ditkowsky and Joanne Denison are honest and trustworthy champions, fighting for the plights of honest citizens, both uncovering and shining a harsh light on corruption in our court systems. These are people the IARDC should be celebrating, not crippling. Please consider dismissing the proceedings against Ditkowsky / Denison and in the process winning back the confidence of American citizens, instead of stoking the fires of their ire.

Our first amendment rights are not negotiable. Help us champion the cause of ridding our courts of corruption instead of emboldening the corrupted with such acts.


Anthony Santiny
United States Citizen

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