According to the ARDC, has Corruption now left the building?

Not so, grasshoppers:

from Larry Chambers today, a more information on how we have a ton of clean up work to do, so let’s get going:

From: Law Office Assistant []
Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 10:14 AM
To: ‘JoAnne M Denison’
Subject: RE: report on corruption in cook county
Couldn’t find female quotes but…
12/14/2008 NBC news online article
Corruption, graft entrenched in Illinois politics
“It seems to me that corruption in Illinois is incorrigible,” said Ron Safer, former head of the criminal division at the U.S. attorney’s office and now in private practice. “Why does someone who has achieved the public acclaim and success that results in them attaining public office risk losing everything for money? It is impossible for me to understand.”
Jay Stewart, head of the Better Government Association, believes efforts to downplay corruption are wrongheaded.
“I don’t look at convictions in our state and argue there are just a few bad apples,” he said. “The public believes there’s a problem and it’s a systemic problem. But they feel powerless and unable to change it. … I think people view it as blood sport … and they throw up their hands and say it’s just entertainment.”
Jay Stewart is now head of Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation.  Seems IARDC missed the opportunity to sanction him before his promotion.
Larry G. Chambers
Assistant Office Manager
847 600-3421

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