Requests for Witnesses–be a witness!

Today I am filing my “253 Report” which is supposed to consist of witnesses for facts and expert opinions concerning probate.

Let me know if you want to be a witness.  I know I have touched many of you out there and made a difference.  the ARDC will be setting the trial date soon, but please sign up anyway if you have something to say about the blog, the sykes case or you are an expert on probate blogging.

see below and email or post comments, as usual.



In Re:
Commission No. 2013 PR 0001

Reg. No. 6192441


Pursuant to Rule 253 and prior court order, atty JMD, Respondent in the above cause of action, herewith files her Section 253 report which is subject to further amendment and update, as she is provided with willing witnesses.

Name    Subject Matter
1.        JoAnne Denison, blogger
1512 N Fremont St, #202
Chicago, IL 60642
email preferred    Blogging re corruption and providing honesty, ethics, integrity, transparency and openness to the Illinois court system and the ARDC–all consisting of non commercial speech.
2.        Gloria Sykes    Blogging witness and fact witness to 09 p 4584 that her case was railroaded, that there is no jurisdiction, that the matters are hotly contested, that I always had her permission to post, that I do not represent her, that she asked me, as an atty to keep her emails in confidence, etc.

3.        Adam Stern
“Stern” <>,    Blogging witness, that he violated my consitutional rights, that he said that free legal advice to Gloria causes him “more work” that takes away from “his work”.  That he is listed on NASGA as “most wanted” and is not a credible witness.
4.        Cynthia Farenga
“Cynthia Farenga” <>    Blogging witness.  That he is listed on NASGA as “most wanted” and is not a credible witness.  That she sent me a wrongful Cease and Desist letter.
5.        Peter Schmeidel
“Peter Schmeidel” <>    Blogging witness.  That he is listed on NASGA as “most wanted” and is not a credible witness
6.        Dr. Amdur
same as ARDC list    Fact witness and opinion.  That he declares everyone incompetent and does not always see the patient.  Money fer nothin’ and chicks for free.
7.        Scott Evans
“Scott Evans” <>    Fact Witness to blog.  There is nothing false on the blog about the Mary Sykes case
8.        Kevin Connolly
Daley Center, Head of “security”    Fact witness.  That he violates the constitutional rights of lawyers and the public alike in his courtrooms and that courtrooms assure transparency and openness and are essential to democracy and he never answered my faxed concerns,.
9.        Kathie Bakken
email on blog    That the blog is true and accurate with respect to the Sykes case and the elderly sisters were never served.
10.        Josephine DiPietro
via video evidence deposition at her home. She is elderly.
Address on blog    Same as above
11.        Yolanda Bakken–same as above, does not want to come to court because she is elderly.
Address on blog    Same as above
12.        John Howard Wyman    Character Reference.  His case also lacks jurisdiction and is up on appeal. His mother nearly died due to the actions of the GAL who appointed a know abuser as his guardian.  Wrote a book–Against Her Will.    Expert on blogging and probate blogs.
13.        Dominic Spera
no email and he is homeless currently    Character Reference.  The GAL dipped into his joint accounts without prior court order
14.        Sue Ellen Richards
“mary Sue Richards” <>,     Character Reference.  Probate Victim.  Worked on her case

15.        Lynn Drabik    Same
16.        Bev Cooper    Character Reference.  Probate victim.  Expert on blogging and probate blogs.
17    Ken Cooper    Same

See general objections and comments with my answers to Requests for Documents, filed herewith.


JoAnne M. Denison
Yusuf Naqvi,

Prepared By:
JoAnne M. Denison, Atty. No.  14,867
Denison & Associates, PC
1512 N Fremont St, #202
Chicago, IL 60642
phone:  312-553-1300
fax:  312-553-1307

2 thoughts on “Requests for Witnesses–be a witness!

  1. Can I be an out-of-town witness? I could talk about how my Aunt June, who owned valuable property near San Diego, was never heard from again once she was forced to take up residence with her daughter after a mysterious fire destroyed my aunt’s home.

    The daughter had been trying to get a hold of her mother’s property for years — and obviously was afraid that she might have to share if I was still in the picture. It’s been over a year since I’ve heard from Aunt June.

    • YES, you can be an out of town witness and blog about it. Please submit your CV and get it up to date. If anyone does not know how to do a CV, my law clerk will help you do one up. No need to worry about that.

      While the ARDC may not let you go as far afield as California, it will let you talk about my reputation in the relevant marketplace of blogs as a lawyer (do you have an opinion of JMD’s reputation in the field of probate blogs, what is it?, do you have an opinion of JMD’s reputation for ethics and honesty as a lawyer, what is it?)
      You have known me for years, you have probably read all or most all of my blog and you have probably read one or more probate blogs.

      you can also testify I do not bring the courts into disrepute–they are already there and it’s all over the internet. try googling probate court and corrupt or corruption and you get about 300,000 hits in about .3 seconds!

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