the ARDC and Anonymous Notes? They’re Kidding, right?

Dear Readers;

so today I scanned in the 1600 + pages of documents that the ARDC sent me, and as usual, I go thru each page to be certain it scans right because we typically scan and toss or we’d be drowning in paper within a few days, the stuff I get for litigation and IP work is amazingly voluminous–reams and reams of paper.

Take a look at the following files.  While they are pretty much the mundane stuff the attys have been fighting over on the blog since it began and the attys on the Sykes case fight like crazy (creating interest for YOU, the reader), THE FILE IS FULL OF “ANONYMOUS NOTES”.  Crazy, right?  One of those accuse myself and KDD of being mentally ill.  It further appears that the “anonymous notes” are driving the file rather than the First Amendment to the US Constitution and Illinois Constitution.

Obviously Mr. or Ms. Anon never learned that in 6th grade.  I hope they read the blog yesterday, because Prof. Tarkington is squarely on the side of myself and KDD, that as long as a lawyer merely blogs about court proceedings and is not in court making statements to the judge (which should be accurate, thank you very much), blogs and lawyers and the news can comment away all they want.

But Mr. or Ms. Anon is something else.

So here is the “Discovery” sent over by the ARDC–1600 pages of it, together with Anon Notes you can find at p91, 129, 140, 144, 209, 215, 220, 290, 292.




Let me know what you all think.  Now, I guess I could cry, twist my panties in a bunch and perhaps wet them a bit over all those nasty anonymous notes, but I have to tell you I AM AN ATTORNEY, I WORK WITH DISPUTES ALL DAY LONG, I hope at the end of the day justice, ethics and integrity is served, but in getting to that point, whatever dire and direct claims, comments, rude, crude, insulting, denigrating–and I’ve heard it all–is said about me (and I’m sure Ken feels the same way) sorry, BUT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO INSULT AN ATTORNEY.

One of the things you learn or had better learn very quickly is you are not your client’s business and their problems.  For $250 to $300 per hour each day, every day, you write and argue and talk your client’s problems, but at the end of the day, you better separate yourself from that mish mash or you will end up, as Ms. Anon has put in her notes “seriously deranged and mentally ill”.  (I’m betting this is a woman that wrote this and I’m still undecided about whether the person is just around the law alot right now, or if they are in fact a lawyer, but the notes are fairly ridiculous and out of place.)

The Sykes case was and is hotly debated.  KDD and myself have not made it that way, it came to us that way.  We investigated and found a lot, lot of irregularities.  We have listed those irregularities.  We have told Gloria’s side of things over and over.  The MGS story is a story with a lot of sides and a lot of angles and a lot of cover up to it, if you ask me.

It would be hard for me to believe that ANY OF THE ATTYS INVOLVED take this blog or comments made here personally.  This is our work and our jobs.  If we don’t like the heat, we can quit and retire to Borneo for all we care.  But a true attorney loves the fight, the battle, the debates and discussions.

Of course, from the ROA it is entirely a very serious matter that MGS was not served, nor the elderly sisters.  Even Gloria should have been served.  And then there are the defects in procedure that are too numerous to count.  And it’s correct that the irregularities have been reported to law enforcement, but if everyone is honest and has done nothing wrong, that should be a blip for everyone.  If you haven’t stolen anything, why would you be crying or worrying?  But if that’s your conscience singing at you, just man or woman up rather than saying “she’s not a mandatory reporter of elder abuse and she’s reporting me.”

As for Ms. Anon, the ROA on appeal has been posted.  The table of torts listed what happened in the case and is now backed up completely by the ROA.

I note that the notes have stopped.  I wonder why.  Oh, that’s right, turns out Ken and I were right and Mary wasn’t served, and the filching of the trial court record–90% of it for over a year is done with now.

I hope the notes are done.  I hope the ARDC looks at the ROA and sees that Ken and I were right all along and there are serious problems in River City that have to be resolved.

Professor Tarkington was also right that corruption and injustice flourishes when attorneys cannot speak out freely on their blogs and in their writings.

One Justice at the Federal Appellate Court level spoke out that the courts have become so highly corrupt that they are nearly unrecognizable as courts.

This blog is dedicated to stopping all of that.  We need courts that are open, transparent, where you can take notes with a laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc. and even post, blog or twitter them right away.

What is going on right now is not right.  KDD, myself, Atty Lanre and another atty I will not mention here who has been speaking out against corruption are all right.

When the powers that be protesteth too much, it’s time to take a harder look at what is really going on, that’s all I’m saying.

Have a good Memorial weekend.  And for all of you that have been unjustly taken away from a beloved parent or family member this weekend, my heart goes out to you.  And for those tied in services charging $200 to $300 a pop this weekend to “court supervise” people that have done nothing wrong, shame on you.  Get another job.  And please don’t charge an estate $100 for checking on the dog.  Or cat.

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