BREAKING NEWS! Mistreatment of Dominic Spera by Rockford Police/Travel Inn

see my fax below and if you can help Dominic in any way, please do so now.



To: Manager, Travel Inn Rockford, Legal Department, Desk Sargent, Rockford Police Dept.

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May 24, 2013

Re:    (wrongful) Arrest of Dominick Spera at the Travel Inn in Rockford Illinois

Dear All;

This is to advise you that I represent Dominick Spera in the above matter.  Last night I received a call and talked to the front Desk Clerk at Travel Inn Rockford and was told Dominick was “disruptive, broke the fire extinguisher glass and had a phone book in the lobby”.  I tried to talk to him about this, but all the desk clerk did was yell at me, talk over me and then hang up.  He threatened to have Dominick arrested.  I asked him if he could have Dominick transferred to another hotel and he said aboslutely not and Dominick had to leave despite the fact Dominick is obviously elderly, walks with a cane and he has severe hip pain.  He has no car.  He just paid a week in full at the Travel Inn.  I was then put on the phone with a witness and other guest at the hotel who confirmed Dominick was no problem and he was not disruptive nor did he ever break anything.

Next, the police came and I tried to talk to the police and I could hear them yell at Dominick to “get out immediately or they would arrest him.”  I tried to talk to the police and they said absolutely not and he could “talk at jail”.  They then said they would not let him gather his belongings, I tried to talk to them about transporting him somewhere to stay and the police refused, I told Dominick to call 911 for emergency housing.  Instead what I heard later was they pushed and shoved Dominck all the way down the hall, management said they would “throw his stuff out if he didn’t come back the next day by 4 pm”, etc., etc.  That is most certainly not in compliance with the Illinois Hoteliers Act.

Dominick is elderly, walks with a cane and is most certainly not a threat to anyone.

To the Travel Inn: Please call the police immediately and HAVE DOMINICK RELEASED and HELP HIM OUT.  Find him a room, see if his regular apartment is ready for him (he was supposed to have it inspected because he was staying at the Travel Inn because his own apartment needed cleaning and he was supposed to move back in at 9:30 am today but neither the desk clerk or the police would listen to me.  They either talked over me and yelled at me or refused to speak to me).

I am extremely disappointed and frustrated by Rockford’s treatment of the indigent and homeless.  I live in Chicago where that would be the most dire of actions taken against a homeless person.

I run a popular blog on the internet where we discuss issues like this.  Dominick qualifies because he is a probate victim, having been rendered homeless by the probate court when funds should have been turned over to him.  I am in the process of doing that for him.  I intend to fully publish these actions to the public.  If you want me to publish your retraction and apology, please send it along–but this fax is going up there now to warn the public of how Travel Inn AND the Rockford Police Department treats its indigent and homeless population and to NEVER, stay at such facilities.

ROCKFORD POLICE SARGENTS–PLEASE RETRAIN YOUR OFFICERS to have sympathy and all due respect for the homeless.  They are just as precious as your officers and yourself.

TRAVEL INN–you should be appalled by the behavior of your desk clerk.  Please promptly refund Mr. Spera’s money and transport him to his apartment with his personal belongings.

I know everyone is tired and cranky late at night, BUT THIS SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAVE HAPPENED.

There are better and other ways to handle the indigents, lame and poor.  You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Dominick should have been referred to emergency housing instead of arrested.

Very Truly Yours,


JoAnne Denison

JoAnne M. Denison


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