And while the ARDC is attempting to monitor blogs and atty email speech between private parties ROME IS STILL BURNING

Recent article in the Chicago Trib today:

13 hours ago “We pretend that judges are not politicians, but we make judges go to the Cook County Democratic Party — usually about $30,000 apiece…/ct-met-judges-consultants-20130522,0,2598561 .story
This story is not public today, but on the private server, so try to click again on the link tomorrow and it should be free.
And, for the last article on corruption in the courts see:
and this link goes to the heart of my faxes to Presiding Judge Timothy Evans and Security Chief Kevin Connolly that not permitting laptops, tablets and cell phones in court to take notes of court proceedings and calendar dates.  The Denison Rule must end!
Now for KDD’s comments:
From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To: JoAnne Denison <>;
Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 9:15 AM
Subject: IARDC punishment of lawyers for exercizing their First Amendment Right to complaint about Judicial corruption

In case the IARDC does not subscribe to the Chicago Tribune we need to send them copies of the Chicago Tribune Article on Judges that was published in today’s editions.   Try as they may by their (IARDC) prosecutions of lawyers who exercise their First Amendment Rights the truth has a way of rising to the surface and the miscreants exposed in the cesspool of their personal corruption.
 While we all recognize that most of the Judges in Cook County are honest men and women and honestly try to do a good job best they can, there are incidents in which we have suspicion that there are (severe) problems.    The Sykes case is a very clear example.     The Greylord cases exposed the problem with the added emphasis that many ‘judicial officials’ traded their pinstripes for orange jumpsuits and others opted for retirement.     The IARDC in attempting to silence both JoAnne Denison and my critical statements of what has transpired in the Mary Sykes case has run up against our First Amendment Rights and ignored them by recommending to the Supreme Court of Illinois that my license be suspended.
The crowning touch was when the IARDC attorney asked me if I was repentant for writing to the Attorney General of the United States concerning the obvious deprivation of the Liberty and Property Rights of Mary Sykes by ‘judicial officials’ who were appointed by a court lacking jurisdiction and a court that was openly and notoriously ignoring the mandates of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 et seq.      Indeed, I was not then and am not now repentant nor will I cease to exercise my First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment Rights.    Every statement that I made was and is verified by the Court Record (and transcripts) in the Mary Sykes case as well as affidavits and verified pleadings filed in the United States District Court.
The Chicago Tribune Article as well as other articles on the subject make it very clear to all (except the affected ‘judicial officials’ and the IARDC (and other co-conspirators) that the GAO report to Congress detailing Nationwide elder abuse and Financial Exploitation of the Elderly apparently with Judicial attornment is not a rare event and it is not getting the attention that it deserves.     The public expects a Judge to be fair, honest, and like ‘Caesar’s Wife.’    The public is upset when it learns that a Judgeship is for sale for $30,000.00 – $5,000 up front!       The public is upset when a judge testifies in her evidence deposition that, had anyone raised the issue of lack of jurisdiction she would have vacated her orders, hold a hearing and reach the same decision.
The Tribune and the media are hypocritical as Gloria Sykes has made her mother’s plight public and they have been silent.    The public record is available to everyone, but the silence is deafening.     JoAnne authors a blog – ergo, the IARDC is attempting to silence her and has disciplinary proceedings pending.    I wrote to law enforcement requesting an HONEST investigation – ergo, IARDC proceedings against me.    Do not get me wrong – I applaud every disclosure of official corruption and every attempt to eliminate it.   Democracy is not a spectator sport – it requires citizens to speak out and exercise their rights and obligations; however, when senior citizens are routinely and systematically deprived of their liberty and property by certain Judicial officials and a lawyer watchdog organization (funded by the taxpayers of the State of Illinois) protects the miscreants (and the media is silent) we have a serious problem.   Similarly when law enforcement sits on its hands we are in danger to losing our personal freedoms.
I sincerely hope that the Tribune, the Suntimes, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, etc will join in the call for an HONEST, complete and comprehensive investigation of the Mary Sykes case and related cases.
[the fact that a million dollars in gold coins and other assets was not inventoried in the Mary Sykes case should provide a very nice incentive for the insolvent State of Illinois.   The fact that 1.5 million dollar estate disappeared should provide a very nice incentive for the insolvent State of Illinois in the Gore case.  l****   The Media can sell a lot of product by reporting the answer to the simple question – why has the State of Illinois Department of Revenue (and the United States of America) not been interested to know if the funds that disappeared as the result of obvious breaches of fiduciary relationship not been investigated!]
Ken Ditkowsky

And I have to add, why has AS claim he investigated the disappearance of about $1 million by “serving subpoenas” when there are clearly no subpoenas seen, no documents requested, no return of service, etc. in the Sykes Record on Appeal?  How is it KDD and I both ask the family and close friends questions about the “gold coins”–we all get the same answers from about a half dozen people–and the ARDC can readily verify this from affidavits already on this blog–but AS says we are lying and he gets away with this?
In a truth contest, KDD and I and the friends and family of MarySykes would win.  But if the ARDC runs the “truth contest” two attys nortoriously posted on NASGA’s website as being “most wanted” and who have a bad reputation in the relevant marketplace according to about a dozen internet blogs–win.  The ARDC’s start witness are fairly dull according to the relevant marketplace.

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