From Ken Ditkowsky–the state of things today!

Tomorrow I will be filing my petition to the review committee of the ARDC.   I also will be supplementing Gloria’s complaints to the Judicial Inquiry Board with a copy of my petition.

What I will be saying is a simple message.    Lawyers and Judges (including the targeted judges – Connors and Stuart) are obliged to 1) follow the dictates of the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois and the United States, 2) know the law, and 3) protect the rights of citizens.     In the Sykes case and related cases they are all aware that the jurisdictional criterion has been ignored and they have acted to deny both Mary and Gloria their civil rights and have participated in a scheme to deny each their fifth, first and fourteenth amendment rights.    I am then suggesting that because these rights are so basic the judges ought to be removed from the bench and disbarred.
This message is appropriate as if persons who are drawing a salary as judges do not know the basic liberties and rights of citizens it is a travesty that they persons rule on the rights and privileges of citizens.    The acceptance of responsibility has consequences!   No one put a gun to the head of Stuart or Connors to become a judge.    Both have acted without jurisdiction and the indignities afforded Gloria and Mary Sykes continue to this day without let up.
Each of the members of NASGA, Probate Sharks et al has a claim of a similar nature.    As an example, the family of Alice Gore has a real grievance that Miriam Solo was able to obtain an order that placed Alice into the clutches of a greedy nursing home owner, $1.5 million in assets disappeared, and all her teeth were removed.    The removal of the teeth brings forth memories of the 1930’s and 1940’s when another group of miscreants did similar activities.   [I am going to add, I am told by Bev her mom was deliberately starved and dehydrated to death, the exhumation I hope happens soon.  I want pictures, but won’t bother the family.  An investigation needs to be done NOW.  The judge appointed a person as guardian with a long history of verifiable psychological problems, in and out of psych wards.] The Judge who allowed this to happen and the attorney promulgating this outrage should not ever be allowed to have any control over another senior again.
What is happening in Illinois (and Ohio and other states) is a bigger scandal than the FBI being used for political purposes, the AP being spied upon or diplomats being scarified in far off lands.
The scandal is the fact that our government has declared war on the targeted senior citizens and is allowing vandals and other miscreants to deny the seniors their civil rights.   Our terrorist wear black robes!     The time is now – stop complaining and publicly ask the Justice department to crack down on the Judges who do not follow the law and those who do their dirty work.   Democracy is not a spectator sport and our miscreants have had the ability to separate our seniors from their liberty and property for too long.   It is time that we get our miscreants a new wardrobe – orange jumpsuits are recommended – one size fits all.    I understand that Gloria Sykes has volunteered to purchase a nice fresh orange jumpsuit for Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, Peter Schmiedel and Judge Stuart.    Bev has one picked out for Miriam Solo etc.    Ken Cooper has a ton of material for the Justice Department in relation to Attorney Solo and JoAnne’s website is a treasure trove in relation to Cynthia, Adam, Peter, et al.    The IRS has available to it the averred unpaid taxes on the uninventoried gold coins etc –
Ken Ditkowsky

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