Gloria’s comments on the Record on Appeal

Gloria makes some great comments on the record on appeal.  See below.

There are issues you must bring up and emails, or correspondence, that I will give permission, such as this one, to the ARDC.  The ARDC transcripts are loaded with statements from Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga, and Peter Schmiedel that are blatant misrepresentations of the facts.  Let me point out that the record reflects a 10-day TRO I presented to the court by Cynthia Farenga whereby CF accused me of stealing $1.3 million dollars from my Mother. According to CF, she knew this to be true because of “information and belief” and refused to give her source:  this game was played in order to create the illusion that my mother’s finances needed to be protected: therefore, immediately Toerpe was appointed Temporary guardian to protect these alleged missing assets.  Judge Connors knew mother was not only competent, but that my Mother had objected to the Guardianship and so Toerpe was not appointed Guardian of the person at this time, and in fact if you read the transcripts, Judge Connors wanted mother to return home in 14 days. The ten day TRO came and went and all of the funds were unfrozen.  However, on December 7, 2009 (or maybe it was the 10th of December), Toerpe’s attorney Harvey Jack Waller told the court that he was going to file a motion to extend the TRO and a citation to discover asets: he did not file a written motion for this either.

Then comes attorney Peter Schmiedel  who in his arrogance, created the illusion that there was a citation to discover assets and the TRO had been extended: the motion my attorney filed to vacate the TRO was never heard because it was moot after 10 days and of course HJW never filed asking for the extension. But attorney Peter Schmiedel could not get paid unless he rendered me penniless and homeless, as per his agreement with Toerpe: in his second breath to the Court on February 10, 2010, he told the court that he was ‘selling the white house and the brown house”.

There was never a subpoena to drill out the lock and open the joint safety deposit box at the Pullman Bank just as there was no order to freeze my Chase safety deposit box: and yet, both happened and Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga and Peter Schmiedel lied about this too under oath. It amazes me how a group of people in the business to protect the public from lawyers such as Peter Schmiedel, Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga sleep at night knowing that these ‘wh**** of justice’ as I named them, bold-face lied while under oath to the Illinois Supreme Court Commissioners: what I do know for certain is that the first time Peter Schmiedel appeared in this case to substitute for Harvey Jack Waller, who has NEVER withdrawn from the case,  and opened his mouth, flagrant and malicious lies poured out and he has not stopped lying since.

Next I would like to draw your attention to the on-going LIES from Cynthia Farenga and Peter Schmiedel in as much in March 2010 or so, Cynthia Farenga was able to procure all of my financial information from Chase and my financial adviser, including financial information and check written out and signed by me, or checks made out to me and deposited.  Here we have a serious breach of my rights — especially since there is no judgement against me, no proof of conversion or that one penny belongs to my mother, (we do have a final order from Judge Mulhern however, dated October 15, 2008): there is no citation to discover assets and no bond, no citation to recover assets, but Peter Schmiedel carried his fraud on the court into Judge Flemming’s court, where, and only after I filed a motion for substitution of Judge as a matter of right, was there some ex parte communications between Schmiedel and Judge Flemming and on the record there is an order signed by him that actually gives Schmiedel the right to serve me with an imaginary citation to discover assets: I was served with a pizza flyer and the record is still void of any such citation to discover assets, proof of service of said citation, and/or  a section 2-1401. (I will add to this, there was NO Motion for a Special Process Server, no Special Process Server appointed, no Summons and Citation filed with the court–I challenge PS and the GAL’s to find one in the record)

Peter Schmiedel [consistently and repeatedly] alters his story in order to serve his cause.  In BK court he told Judge Hollis that I was arrested and handcuffed…[you were arrested and handcuffed by a court and judge without jurisdiction.  I challenge anyone to find Mary Sykes’ Summons and Petition and Affidavit of Service in the ROA]

I was handcuffed but there was no arrest and I was in court that day because the order prior gave me a right to bring in witnesses and evidence that the Lumbermen’s money was mine and of course, that Mother was represented at the time she signed three documents —-


So JD, ask the ARDC to order Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga and Peter Schmiedel to PROVE up each of their statements.  In other words, this case has gone on for all these years because AS, CF, and PS (ad HJW and JB) report to the court that the sky is made of green cheese and every Judge thus far have said, “Yep, your right.  The sky is made of green cheese”.

The green cheese is now moldy and people’s lives are at stake.  There are multiple appeals in and regarding the jurisdiction issues in the Forcible and in the Probate Courts.  I’m wondering how long before the Appellate Panel will hold off, or if it will do what it’s done in the past and note that I forgot to cite one of the statement of facts, and the left hand margin is 1/5 inches, but the appellate panel doesn’t like the binding system I did.  Whatever, the road must be lead by us, Shock and Awe, force that will bring some justice. [f you have any problems with your briefs, bring them back to me and I will rebind and resubmit.]

Please ask the ARDC to provide me with proof that

(1) there was a section 2-1401 regarding the Lumbermens
(2) there were subpoenas on Pullman Bank the safety deposit box in my name and my mother’s name and one on Chase for the safety deposit box only in my name
(3) that there is a citation to discover assets
(4) the citation to recover assets
(5) the mandatory bond
(6) the subpoenas on my financial advisors, Symantra and Chase [to divulge my personal financial information to a 3rd party]

There are more LIES that need to be addressed, but for now, the transcripts are quite revealing, even in Dr. Patel’s testimony.  Dr. Patel claims he found my mother incompetent but to date, I have yet to see one medical report he authored that says anything but mother has short term memory loss which he calls dementia.  Short term memory loss is not dementia: IT’S SHORT TERM OR EVEN LONG TERM, BUT IT’S SIMPLY MEMORY LOSS and every stroke patient, including Sen. Kirk, every cancer patient treated with chemo, every person with hypoglycemia if not treated property, et al, even the President of the United States, when under stress or overworked, often when asked a simple question cant recall the name of one of his personal advisors.  The mini-mentals is a violation of our constitutional rights to privacy.

Just look at Judge Connors transcript.  How many times did she say she can’t remember this or can’t remember that and then, remembered something that actually never happened?  Now here we have a problem, don’t you think?
Back from me:

For more information on Gloria’s claims her mother was competent one month after the declaration of competency, see 5 videos posted on

2 thoughts on “Gloria’s comments on the Record on Appeal

  1. I too found out the hard way that anyone can say ANYTHING in court — as long as they preface it with “upon information and belief”. However, don’t you then have to actually prove that what you say is true? Apparently not in Chicago!

    • That’s not the way it is supposed to be. Officers of the court are NOT allowed to promulgate lies in court. They are not supposed to misrepresent. GALs Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga SHOULD and MUST bring lack of jurisdiction to the attention of the court but they never did. So should have Attorneys Peter Schmeidel, Deborah Jo Soehlig and Harvey Waller.
      Something is seriously amiss in Probate Court and the 18th floor. I think they just need to station an FBI officer there until all this mish mash is cleared up. I am tired of it and disgusted by it all. It’s nothing but vultures feasting on the dead, decaying bodies of our seniors and disableds.

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