More judges not doing what they are supposed to…..

From the ABA today, with plenty of good comments:

A young lawyer tells his client to take the Fifth Amendment when the Judge pushes questions about past drug use.  The Judicial Inquiry Board for Michigan just suspends the judge a few days for putting a lawyer in jail for protecting his client!

As one commentator said, a judge that violates basic, well known constitutional rights is guilty of nothing less than treason and years ago, when we had kicked one monarchy out of our country for tyranny, it would have been a hanging offense.

I really, really don’t understand how lawyers can stand there and uphold clear constitutional violations and yet nothing is done.  The ARDC, SO, MS, LB, JL, etc. all have violated my and KDD’s constitutional rights.

It’s soooo bad, the ARDC has refused my repeated requests for copies of KDD’s transcripts.  KDD is openly public about the fact that this is part of a continuing pattern of a serious oppression of his and my Constitutional rights and any grade schooler should know this.

While this Michigan judge was suspended for a few days while the lawyer was sent to jail and his client bore unwarranted abuse in a public courtroom, the ARDC, the FBI, the JIB have done nothing about my and KDD’s trampling on our Constitutional Rights.  Further, this blog and KDD’s writings are to protect our clients and the public from their loss of Consitutional Rights–no summons or petition for incompetency–we speak out for Wyman (up on appeal), Bedin (in litigation) and Sykes (up on appeal).

Maybe we haven’t been jailed, but the ARDC has used all of this as an excuse to also trample on mine and KDD’s copyright rights, which is an issue which is coming up very, very soon in federal court.

My only question is, which agency or court will be the first one to say what the ARDC and the 18th floor has been doing is wrong, very wrong and sanction this behavior.

Myself, being a pacivist is not interested in the age old remedy of a trial for treason and hanging, but someone’s gotta recognize the First Amendments right of a half dozen people have been seriously trampled upon, the lawyers involved are hollering at the top of their lungs about it and nothing, absolutely nothing is apparently getting done in Illinois.

KDD, JMD, Sykes family, Wyman family, Bedin family, etc. are all wondering when we will see our Constitutional rights enforced against miscreants–whether these miscreants are admitted to the bar, the judiciary–or the agencies that control them, we want and deserve justice.


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