The mysterious Record of the ARDC

For some reason which I don’t understand, the ARDC does not have its pleadings computerized at all.  Not even one little bit.  KDD was booted off my case, leaving it in a mess, and it’s still in a mess because no one knows who has what, the pleadings stack about a foot high.  Atty Sharon Opryczek sent me a stack of documents which have page numbers at the bottom and I think it’s a current docket table, but even that’s clear as mud.

The problem with a stack of documents is you can’t tell where something begins and something ends and there are no page numbers on her table.  Most of it I have seen before.  I don’t see anything the ARDC wants from me and that makes sense because this is a Complaint about BLOGGING.  This Blog is transparent and complete in and of itself.

So eventhough I asked SO just to scan everything in and email it to me, she is uncooperative, as usual.  She claims “the ARDC doesn’t do that”–but that’s absurd.  I don’t believe for a minute they don’t scan in THEIR stuff and organize it.

The case is quickly become complex.  SO has refused to answer my emails and then I get the order that implies I had an “exparte” communication with the tribunal, when in fact I did not.  Further, the order says I can’t email, but I looked in the “Rules” book and there is no rule that says that.  All attorneys scan and email pleadings to day.  We just don’t have the room or time for stacks of paper.

ARDC v. JMD Record to 042513 p1 to 100

ARDC v. JMD Record to 042513 p101 to 200

ARDC v. JMD Record to 042513 p201 to 300

ARDC v. JMD Record to 042513 p301-399

ARDC v. JMD Record to 042513 p401 to 499

ARDC v. JMD Record to 042513 p 501 to 549

Now, here are the unanswered emails for April that the ARDC tribunal issued an order 1) they implied I had an “exparte” communication when in fact I did not and all counsel of record were emailed at the same time and 2) that I cannot email the chair–though there is no rule preventing that as long as I email opposing counsel at the same time.

And I don’t want to leave people with the impression that attorneys fight this aggressively during litigation over form, format and procedure and file bogus motions to disqualify when they are not entitled to them.  They clearly do not. 90% of the time, attorneys email pleadings, cooperate in discovery, act in an honorable fashion.

BUT you know that someone is tweaking stuff when odd things like this happen.

Unanswered emails sent in April 2013 (I will also post the ones January to March so you can see those).  Again, this is my disclaimer: 95% of the time counsel work together and decide cases on the merits–not with this crass gamesmanship.

Unanswered emails from the ARDC

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