Regarding faxing the authorities–for you email types

One of the things that Ken brought up is the fact that most of the people we hear from complaining about Probate court and court corruption like to email and why don’t I put up emails.

Well, basically Kevin Trudea (Mr. All Natural cures)  and others have done that and it takes down (poor baby) servers and creates inbox clog which the courts don’t like and the judges start to whine because IMHO and as all you know they’re tech slugs.  I don’t care what I get in my inbox, I don’t filter and I can find my “delete” key.

BUT most all of these government offices have high speed expensive copiers which also receive faxes, etc. and I have not heard anyone complain about that, so I say, fax away.

I’m not sure that our federal, state and local judges are really right about that either, since the US constitution gives us all the right to organize (associate) and petition our government with grievances.  I think that even means emails to you, Mr. Federal Court judge and you just have to deal with it.  The US constitution does NOT say the people have the right to only mail their grievances and cannot fax them or email them.  Personally, I find it offensive that they insist on killing trees–which I love, just so they don’t get inbox clog from the public.  It’s their job to deal with it.  Like it or not, you work for the government, you work for the people and you are in fact a civil servant.

So, I explained to Ken today that you can go to and then fax a note right off your computer in seconds for $12 per month.  I use it all the time.  My efax is 312-376-8842 if you want to efax me.  GJS found “smart fax” and I think that’s the same where if you send something to “” it goes to the person’s fax number automatically.


I have no idea why judges makes such a big deal out of emails from the public, but they do.  I have a few clients that provide me with plenty of inbox clog and I don’t call them up and whine to them, so I don’t get it either.

good luck with your faxing.  there are many solutions out there.




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