To the ARDC today–a Motion under 750 ILCS 750 or the Citizen’s Participation Act

Dear Counsel;

Attached is a Motion I filed to day with the Clerk of the ARDC.

This is not service; but rather a confirmation that the item was filed and in case you did not receive it, here it is.  Also, it is to save you the time and trouble to scan this in (which I hate to do, just standing there, scanning).

BUT, I notice the new rule regarding dispositive motions does not exclude any exclusion from SLAPP defenses and therefore I would respectfully submit this pleading and hope for a positive outcome.

My speech is entirely truthful, it is suppored by numerous affidavits, declarations, pleadings and transcripts on my blog.  I have 170+ comments on the blog, all of them positive.  No one dislikes my blog or has complained EXCEPT the ARDC.  Numerous attys have said they like the blog and are grateful to read it.

What the problem is, I cannot understand.  I really think the US and State of Illinois consitutions should fully protect my blog against corruption and uinjustice in the courts of Illinois.

I would hope the ARDC and law enforcement would take the claims of these probate victims seriously and undertake a full, honest and complet investigation of Sykes, Bedin, Tyler, Gore, etc.

Let me know if you need anything else, but I think this pleading says it all.

And I’m sorry Sharon, that I could not get with you today, but I had a complex and screwed up probate case this morning in front of Judge Stuart, and then this afternoon, there was this pleading and Gloria Sykes who still needs an investigation.  She has just lost her house, her money, and yet she was a long time caregiver acting in accordance with her mother’s advance directives.  How does this happen in the US?  Judge Stuart, again was in court just making stuff up as she went along–and is still completely ignornat of the fact she is totally acting without jurisdiction.  It was insane.  So I am still trying to help her too.  Where is the justice?  Why does no one care about the seniors.  I assure you, Mary is not safe or happy.  Just so you know.  And what lawyers would go ahead say any of this is okay?  I would like to know.




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