American Citizen in Urgent need of Donation

A Christian American citizen who is in financial need for urgent and immediate need matters need $4,000.

She wants to say nothing about her situation.  It’s sad.  If you donate, please mark your donation for Mar 13, 2013 post for anonymous.


PS– and I send peace, blessings and love to this person.

2 thoughts on “American Citizen in Urgent need of Donation

  1. Hi Joanne

    I received a notice from someone the last time I donated , that we are not allowed to ask for $ on Nasga and vice versa

    iPhone Nancy Vallone


    • Well, I don’t have that problem. Just be aware, this person that will get the funds is not a 501(c)(3) corp and she wants to remain anonymous due to persecution problems I can’t talk about, but you can just imagine. You send to me, I send to her. Just designate it.

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