An assault and battery goes unpunished…because it’s part of Probate!

and any amount of justice that is sent to probate seems to just die right there–on the spot!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Mar 11, 2013 11:25 AM
To: SE
Subject: The assault and battery on the younger daughter

I understand that this morning there was supposed to be  a hearing on the ‘Assault and Battery’ of the younger daughter by one miscreant FT.
After being ‘jacked around’ for months, the younger daughter’s court date was scheduled for this morning.     The report that I received was that she was shunted to the wrong courtroom and the case was dismissed.    I also understand that the assistant States Attorney was aware that the younger daughter was present.    Worse yet, when the younger daughter tried to get the matter heard she was apparently shunted off with ‘ take it to the probate court.’
SE – I understand that you were a court-watcher his morning.   I would like your confirmation and a brief summary of what transpired.    I’ve requested by a separate cover that the younger daughter to do the same.     I would like a play by play as accurately as you can relate the facts to me.   (I’d like the report as soon as possible – yesterday would be nice!)     I am seriously wondering if we still live in America.      Why should the States Attorney’s office not feel an obligation to protect a lady who was assaulted and battered by a ‘bully.’     This battery took place in Norwood Park – Dozens of people (neighbors and friends) are aware of it, yet, instead of wanting to make an example of the ‘bully’ the police, the States Attorney, and even the Sheriff’s deputies appear to be unconcerned.
Shortly after this assault occurred the younger daughter was in my office and after observing the bruises I sent her to the Police Department to swear out a warrant and suggested full and complete criminal prosecution.    It never occurred to me that she would have any trouble in obtaining a protective order, and the prosecution.       Whatever is going on has to be ascertained and the miscreants brought to justice.    – unless this is the 4th Reich!
Ken Ditkowsky

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