Another place for Probate Abuse victims to write….

While perusing the US Dept of Justice website this evening (okay it’s 2 am and I’m sure the likes of JH, SO and JL are sleeping as well as the miscreants, I ran across this info:

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force

Eric Holder, Attorney General, Chair
Michael Bresnick, Executive Director
(202) 514-2000
so please put this information in your webmail address book and start writing and see we if can get some interest in the financial and loss of liberty crimes which have been perpetrated on our seniors via the Illinois Probate Court System.
If we don’t all write the Dept of Justice, they won’t know, and today, I found a news article  that a Washington Dept. of Justice attorney went out and actually got involved and helped a First Amendment victim that was a photojournalist who was arrested for merely photographing an arrest of two hispanic suspects!  The photojournalist was put in a choke hold by the police and then dragged to a police vehicle.
see the article at:
The quote from DOJ Attorney Rashida Ogletree was:
The Justice Department warned in its statement, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, that that discretionary charges, including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace, “are all too easily used to curtail expressive conduct or to retaliate against individuals for expressing their First Amendment rights.” Trial judges, the department said, should “view such charges skeptically.”“The United States urges the court to find that both the First and Fourth Amendments protect an individual who peacefully photographs police activity on a public street, if officers arrest the individual and seize the camera of that individual for that activity,” government attorney Rashida Ogletree wrote.”
You go girl!  Protect our First Amendment rights.
Another heroine!  Sigh.
If anyone can get or find her email, please let me know.  I will try to at least fax her and see if she can provide some help to me and to the probate court victims.
And from the lawyer that represented the photo journalist:
“The fact that the federal government has chosen to take a stand underscores the fact that this is far from an isolated case,” said Corn-Revere, who practices in First Amendment law and communications. “Unfortunately, police departments in jurisdictions across the United States will have to learn from cases like this that photography is not a crime.”

1 thought on “Another place for Probate Abuse victims to write….

  1. Thanks Joanne very much for the resource

    Ps. some entertainment What comes to mind – In the Field of Dreams movie -” you build it and they will come ” In the JDennison blog ” you find it and we will write”



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