My Response to the ARDC based upon what Horace Hunter did for lawyers….

Is that guy a hero or what?  I don’t care if all he did was blog about a bunch of criminal court wins. By taking his case to the Virginia Supreme Court, this week he helped out myself and Ken with important findings of fact and conclusions of law.

See my response to the the ARDC based upon this case.


Of course, I used my Motion to Dismiss as a soapbox for letting the ARDC know that many of this issues complained about on this blog by myself and others are in fact true and they need to be investigated.  Each of Bedin, Tyler, Gore, Sykes, Wyman and others needs and deserves a full and complete investigation.  All of the judges and GAL’s and plenary guardian attorneys land on  “free parking” in the ARDC Monoply board game, while Ken and I are screaming our heads off for an investigation, and all we get handed is the “go to jail” card!

I hope that the Horace Hunter case will result in the ARDC giving us the “get out of jail free” card, or I forget, do we have to roll 3 doubles in a row?  It’s been sooo long. (Actually, no one in my family will play Monopoly with me because I love making up rules, which the rules allow for, but I make them funny like build a lego person, or give up 3 green m&m’s before you can buy a house or hotel, or get any benefit).

take care my good readers, the Virginia Supremes are on our side and I think they wrote an opinion so plain even the lawyers at the Illinois ARDC can understand it.


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