The ARDC tells John Wyman he has no ARDC complaint againt his GALs?

Dear Readers;

You would not believe the attached letter which I just received from the Illinois ARDC regarding complaints filed against Judge Fabiano (which really should go to the Judicial Inquiry Board, but then she is a lawyer) plus the actions of Sharon R. Rudy and Kimberly McKenzie Timmerwike.

See attached.

  ARDC Response to John Howard Wyman Complaint re:No jurisdiction/false guardianship of his mother.

John Wyman is furious.  Do you blame him?

And yet they file a Complaint against me and Ken.  Go figure.

Shoot the messenger and not the miscreant.


2 thoughts on “The ARDC tells John Wyman he has no ARDC complaint againt his GALs?

  1. I’m always rather shocked and awed about how much of a swamp it’s become in this probate department and now in the ADRC — almost like a second Okefenokee. But please keep trying to drain these swamps of injustice, one probate at a time — for the sake of the Chicago area’s senior citizens if for no other reason.

    • Definitely. We don’t need any “shock and awe” on the battlefield, when we can just walk the probate courts and find it there.
      Other people are organizing with class actions and “Lawless America” videos.

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