Litigants need more information on court Reporters in Rockford

Dear Readers;

While atty KDD is working an a Motion to Dismiss for First Amendment rights and the ARDC is trying to shut me up and take down this blog for exposing Chicago and Cook County Courtroom corruption, another issue has popped up I want to make you all aware of.

As you know the Wyman case has been operating without jurisdiction for three (3) years in the Winnebago County Courts with the assistance of Judge Fabiano, Atty Sharon Rudy an Atty Kimberly Timmerwilke, one probate victim, John Howard Wyman THOUGHT that all the hearings are argument and lies and fabrications were being recorded.

Apparently not so, my little buttercup.  While the State of Illinois tax payers obviously spent tens of millions to update and make electronic those courtrooms with excellent miking, a wonderful sound system, turns out nothing, absolutely nothing is being recorded.  And there’s nothing on the internet to warn litigants or their attorneys that nothing, absolutely nothing is being recorded.

Now the ARDC an I have an issue.  They think that if I point out obvious corruption, that is unethical. So apparently I’m not supposed to tell you, that as a patent attorney and a skilled engineer, that spending tens of millions of dollars to mike a court without actually RECORDING anything looks like corruption and lip service to the public.

Doesn’t matter.  I’ve lived long enough in our state court system to know that YOU BRING YOUR OWN INDEPENDENT COURT REPORTER, pay them and review the transcript carefully and there will not be a problem.

If you ask me, I think it looks fishy at best an anyone with half a brain would know it’s just lip service to corruption.  There, I said it.  Anyone disagree besides the ARDC?

And I will exercise my First Amendment rights to say these things.  There isn’t a single case I could find in “all jurisdictions” on Fast Case that says an attorney cannot blog.  Not a single one.

In fact, I think my case is about as insane, ludicrous and crazy as “mirth and girth” and you all can Google that or look at my post on it.

Soon as I can, probably later today, I will publish the complaint, and file a copyright registration for my blog to protect me.

If the County Courts won’t do it, the N.D. Ill. court system isn’t wired in, isn’t corrupt and protects copyright violations and free speech.


2 thoughts on “Litigants need more information on court Reporters in Rockford

  1. Dear Ken and Joanne

    I hope I was not one of the people who may have offended you with regard to your eloquent writing style

    I was concerned with keeping your name on letter after I read the article re: (paraphrase) unethical for atty to support client rights

    I took your names off and replaced with “unanimous attorneys ” . I sent letter asking Is this what you are referring too. iPhone


    • No, actually you cannot offend an atty EXCEPT by bringing dishonor and corruption into the courts.
      You have done neither. I will continue to pray for you and your dear sweet niece and that you will be reunited.

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