Jurisdiction was lacking according to the records….

Almost every day there are letters that cross my desk from people who are being victimized by the system that is in place supposedly to protect the elderly, the disabled, and those who cannot protect themselves.   Yes, some of the complainers are kooks, but so many of the harrowing stories that they tell check out to be truthful.
[Sometimes the kooky complainers are the ones who have a legit gripe, but have fought an unresponsive, massively bureaucratic system for sooooo long, they have become kooky in the process of screaming at the top of their lungs that justice was not served on many levels.  First they are abused in probate court, then they are repeatedly abused by nursing homes, GAL’s, judges, Plenary Guardians, and scores of “elder abuse” agencies that have website promising to protect and investigate but do neither and only rake in millions of dollars wasted on lip service and pushing papers. No wonder the kook comes out.  No wonder the kook reigns supreme.]
What we have in place to satisfy our parens patrie criterion is a two track system.  Most disabled and elderly benefit from the actions of law enforcement, the Courts, social workers etc.    These people are on track one.   The second track involves Sykes, Gore, Tyler, Wyman, et al.    On the 2nd track we find cases such as Jaycox, bush etc.   For the 2nd track individuals all bets and all civil rights are ignored.   In Sykes the Court has harassed Mary and Gloria even though their own records show that there was no jurisdiction.   Anyone who steps up to be counted is subject to harassment  threats and bullying.   This includes yours truly, JoAnne Denison etc.   According to the ARDC it is unethical to call to the Court and the public’s attention that for three plus years civil and human rights of senors and their families clearly have been violated–on the face of the pubic records themselves.
If you read the file in the Sykes case with an eye to the Illinois Statutory scheme (ignoring all the statements of the parties (self serving and factual)) and you will find that the jurisdictional protections were ignored and thus there is no jurisdiction obtained by the Court.   Then step back – look what was done to Mary and to Gloria Sykes and John Howard Wyman and W. Carol Wyman and ask yourself – IS THIS AMERICA?
If this is the America that you want – so be it; however, it is far cry from what we were promised and what we told our children.
Ken Ditkowsky


1 thought on “Jurisdiction was lacking according to the records….

  1. Ken

    May I send your letter on to the news media thst has agreed to take the story and to Cassandra griffin HHS and atty Jon Kitchel so I am not the only one and will believe me .



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