An Elderly Sister signs a declaration-Proof that the proper Sodini Notices were not SERVED

An elderly sister of Mary G Sykes has signed and mailed her declaration back to our office stating that she did not receive proper Sodini notice. This is GREAT news because now we are one step closer to proving how corrupt and unjust the case truly is. JoAnne has already faxed copies of this Affidavit to Lea Black. Now we wait anxiously as we wait for Mary’s other elderly sister  to mail us back her declaration.  Justice MUST prevail!

Below is a copy of the signed declaration! – (cut and paste if link does not work)

1 thought on “An Elderly Sister signs a declaration-Proof that the proper Sodini Notices were not SERVED

  1. [My comments are in brackets]

    Let me set the record straight! I NEVER told my Aunt Yolanda that on December 7, 2009 Toerpe’s petition for guardianship was to be heard. There was NEVER a hearing on the Guardianship proceedings. On Nov. 18, 2009 I was ambushed with a Kangaroo Court hearing on a care plan and Cynthia Farenga accused me of “substantial emotional abuse with emotional neglect”. On the 18th my Aunt Yo, cousin Kathie and I showed up to ‘ambush’ Toerpe and Aunt Yo, Kathie, Scott and I were going to take the stand and show why Toerpe should not take care of a rattle snake, let along my Mother, and no witnesses were allowed. I was able to ask Toerpe questions: Aunt Yo was able to ask Toerpe questions: Kathie was able to ask Toepe questions. Scott could not approach the bench. That said, the court found her care plan appropriate and on December 10, 2009, in a wink of an eye, a nod or two, and agreements between GAL’s Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, and Petitioner Carolyn Toerpe — Toerpe who is the named respondent to a petition for a protective order — is appointed Plenary Guardian. My mother was not present and there was no attorney representing my mother. When asked by the Court, Cynthia Farenga agreed that mother objected, Her exact words are, “I know she [Mary G. Sykes] objected.”

    This declaration is jam packed of lies [can you list the lies, so far it is just one lie and you think there was no hearing, but I’m telling you that when there is no atty present for the rest of the family, the hearing is informal by the court and it just consists of asking the close relatives what they think and Judge Connors did just that. You even asked questions albeit limited, of CT prior to her appointment] and I know that my Aunt believed that I wrote it so it has to be true. I did not write it and what i told my Aunt Yo and Aunt Jo is honest and simple: I told them that we all needed to go to Court and testify as to the truth about how Carolyn Toerpe was estranged from the family. How she refused to even take off one day over three months to help mom or me drive our Dad to have his radiation treatments. That she was always ‘too busy’ to help mom with difficult tasks, like tiling the bathroom (which my friend Randy completed and I paid for the major work by an expert).

    It is terribly sad when people have agendas and they don’t think. So to the person who wrote this ‘declaration’ how dare you assume what I said or didn’t say and what happened. The Court docket is very clear that there are no Sodini notices and there isn’t any order entered scheduling a Guardianship hearing, either. [Sorry, you have to get declarations to even get into court sometimes to get a motion heard. They’re necessary.] My Aunt, I know, is trying to help her sister, my mother, and wanted to believe that this declaration was properly written. I just got off the telephone with her, and I know that she wants to write a retraction. [I will send her this comment with my notes. I think Kathy and Yolanda understand, tho].

    What I want to say is this, I know that there are a lot of people who want to help my mother, and we’re all tired, confused, and many, mad as hell that this can and does happen in America’s Probate Divisions. But because we’re tired and confused, mistakes are made. So I will also write an affidavit and with it, the court orders. [good–go for it!] I’ll also provide the public with my care plan and Toerpe’s care plan. FYI, Toerpe said under oath on December 7, 2009, that mother could visit with any person she wants and come and go with no supervision. Judge Connors instructed her to allow for visits and phone calls in the ‘care’ of Mother. That said, it’s been almost 18 months since I’ve seen my mother and 17 months since I last spoke to her. There were NEVER notices, or even a court order scheduling a hearing for the Guardianship. [I will publish the Order, I already sent it to you. The order was entered on 11-18-09]. It was an agreement between Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, and Carolyn Toerpe. There was no testimony of Dr. Amdur and I have a digital recording of a visit with mother on October 30, 2009 — the day before Dr. Abmnur claims to have spent 40 minutes with mother from 9 am – 9 40 am on the 31 Oct. 2009 and diagnosed my mother with dementia and in need of 24/7 care. [Your mom does need 24/7 care–from CT and others that would abuse her. She’s too kind and accepting. You need to protect her.] On the 30 October 2009, my mother not only played winning hands of canasta, but asked the ‘supervisor’ if she could go to court and talk to the judge. She also complained of being dizzy and with blurred vision. All said, I NEVER informed my Aunt on November 18, 2009 that there was a guardianship hearing on the 7th December 2009. In fact, no one showed up on the 10 December 2009, not Aunt Yo, Aunt Jo, or me. And mother wasn’t present and had no legal representation present. Yep, we’re all tired and scared and want to free my mother before it’s too late.

    I love her so much that I’ve worked with knowledgeable people who have helped me set a course to save my mother’s life and give her a voice. Mom is in the U.S. District Court with a American with Disabilities title II claim. Aunt Yo didn’t have to sign anything like this right now. One just had to read the transcripts and look at the docket. I rest my case. [No, Ken and I disagree, but then we have the law degrees and bar admissions and we’re in and out of court and writing pleadings all the time. Ken has been practicing for 50+ years and I have been practicing for 27 years. There’s a reason.]

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