Nothing more fun than playing the game of what’s in the Sykes Probate File today…

Dear Readers;

The following is the probate file for 09 P 4585 between May1 and May 13, 2009:

cut and paste this if link does not work:

In any case, there is an accounting filed by CT for 2011 and there is also an Amended Petition for Partition.  I have not seen Gloria’s response to this, but there is no briefing schedule, so she has a few more days to prepare this.

With respect to the accounting, it looks fine except it is not explained why Hannah is so sickly and has $1000 in vet bills.  She is a young, healthy dog.  Her sister, Peanut, whom I have, is in perfect health and I think cost me about $70 in vet bills for just a check up last year.  Did anyone see this and wonder why Carolyn can’t take care of a simple 10 lb Pekingese, how can she take care of elderly Mary G?


Further, the mortgage payment doubled and that was not explained.  What’s up with that?

She also needs to revamp and refile her Motion to Dismiss or Non Suit for lack of jurisdiction.  I saw one in the file at one time. I will be finding that and redoing it for her next court appearance.  I have prepared declarations for Aunt Yolanda and Aunt Josephine and published them here and sent them off, but have heard nothing back.  All those declarations are necessary for 1) the Probate Court, 2) Gloria’s cases, most notable now the partition that will strip her of her brown house; 3) Ken’s ARDC complaint, 4) My ARDC complaint and a whole host of other reasons.

I’m hoping to get this all done soon so that justice may prevail and we can all go home soon!  Yeah!


4 thoughts on “Nothing more fun than playing the game of what’s in the Sykes Probate File today…

  1. Please be advised that JoAnne Denison does not represent me or any family of Mary Sykes and that we are not filing any motions in the probate division at this time. That I filed an objection to the Inventory and as usual it was ignored and dismissed. That sadly the medical neglect of Hannah Mom’s beloved pooch was killed by Toerpe (by medical neglect and ****) I cannot imagine how my mother feels with the loss of Hannah and the isolation from all people my mother loves and cares for. That said Toerpe has not paid the mortgage on mothers home and it is now in active foreclosure. I am not worried about the Probate division selling my home: they tried getting the federal bankruptcy court to modify the automatic stay on my home but the court refused and ordered Chase to prove it owns the loan and allowed me to make payments. Chase then asked for a continuance. All in all I have yet to be noticed or served and other than reading the docket, I have no standing in the probate division. I wish people would just butt out of my life if they can’t report the facts but I forgot, this blog is to entertain. I don’t find anything entertaining when my mothers life is at stake. Suffice it to say, JoAnne Denison does not represent me or any family and therefore neither I nor family take legal or any advice from her. (Edited for typos only).

  2. 1) With regard to representing Gloria or Carolyn Toerpe, that is correct. I do not currently represent either one. While the miscreants filed motions to disqualify me for representing Mary Sykes based upon my notarization of an agreement between Gloria and her mother, that was utterly improper, especially in light of the fact that the Probate case lacks subject matter jurisdiction and should be non suited and dismissed. That is based upon the fact that I never represented Mary Sykes. I would hope that Lea Black and the miscreants would get this case dismissed or non suited sua sponte. I would hope that Gloria and her family members would do it. But for some reason, a number of people know that the proceeding is in complete disregard and is in derogation of the laws of the State of Illinois and NOTHING is being done, and that is very frustrating to me. How does this go on? It should have been put to an end back in January of 2009, but I digress.

    I like to see justice done. I like for the courts not to be corrupt. But it goes on, and that continuance of improper, corrupt proceedings hurts everyone in the long run.

    2) Also regarding representing anyone embroiled in this battle while running a blog, I think is unethical. Attorneys are really not supposed to be blogging about their own cases, although that seems to be very popular lately and I do hear a lot about that. Nonetheless, the courts and judges are not supposed to be reading blogs to get their information, that would be considered improper. The blog is rather to give others hope that with the right procedures and right filings, that justice can, in fact be done. This case is very difficult. It continues in spite of itself. Mary is isolated and alone. Pleadings need to be properly filed. It is not being done. The GALs could step forward and do it but they do not. LB could call the GALs and tell them to do the right thing and often attys react properly when that happens.

    So, you bring up a lot of good points, Gloria, and good questions. I have many too. Unless and until this case is properly dismissed, the blog is newsworthy, we are now up to about 5,000 page views total for both blogs, I believe. I have daily readers. I have huge spikes on some days for some posts.

    But there is much more work to do. The transcripts are very interesting and they should all be published on one page. There are more transcripts to order. Some, the 6th floor claims they “cannot read notes” and therefore cannot transcribe. I wonder what happened on those days and I will publish what was told to me and the affidavits I had them prepare on this. They are not supposed to have transcripts that cannot be transcribed. It looks fishy.

    Because no blog can adequately reflect all the nuances of particular factual situations, I do stress the blog is for entertainment purposes only and should not take the place of anyone doing their own legal work or hiring a qualified attorney. It would be impossible for a blog to take the place of an attorney filing an appearance and working on a case properly. This is a very complex, intricate and frustrating case. To fix it, at the rate of what is going on now, and the level of dug in corruption, I would estimate to be between $200,000 and $500,000 and who has that money?

    If there is ever an investigation in a case that is sorely needed this case is one.

    Good points, Gloria, keep it up!


    • Today is the 3 year anniversary of my mother being kidnapped by Carolyn Toerpe under the nose of domestic relations Judge Kirby and under the direction of the Cook County Sheriff’s Department. This was accomplished by Carolyn Toerpe, who my mother named as an abuser and financial exploiter in a verified petition for an order of Protection, with the help of Gloria Coco, who was the Supervising Judge of the Domestic Relations Division in Cook County: she is also a want-to-be actress who, resigned from the courts and moved to Los Angeles in search of stardom: Coco is a friend of Kristin Toerpe and who has helped in the criminal act of kidnapping my mother and giving Carolyn Toerpe custody and control od mothers person and assets, exactly what Mother went to court to prevent on June 30, 2009. Robert Toerpe is staffed at the DuPage County Sheriff’s department as a law enforcement agent: combined with Coco the two easily convinced Cook County Sheriff’s Department to allow a named abuser to kidnapped and hold hostage my Mother until Toerpe could find a medical doctor on June 30,2009 to write and sign a fraudulent document claiming my mother was incompetent. The document filed with the cook county court is signed by Carolyn Toerpe PhD.: Toerpe is not a PhD! Then Dr. Makoyta (sp) signed it — how can that be when Dr. M didn’t evaluate mother under Dr. Toerpe’s supervision until August 15, 2009 (or so)????!!!! The document is then back dated to June 9, 2009 and in fact is anyone can get the original document it’s is not only in three different inks, with the date in blue ink, but three different hand writing. I brought this to the attention of the Judge Connors and the document was immediately dismissed. I will sonn be filing a complaint, another complaint against dr. Rabin (sp) who claimed to have evaluated mother on June 30, 2009 at the same time Mother was before Judge Kirby who by the way appointed mother an attroney, Mr. Jarad Knox who just happened to not show up on June 30, 2009 after talking to mother and assuring her that he would! Toerpe then told the court Conners on Or about August 26, 2009 that mothers primary doctor Dr. Patel refused to sign the CCP 211 competency report and Judge Connors then replied, “Find a doctor who will…”

      Toerpe got the petition for the order of protection transferred to the Probate Court and it, like every other verified document against her, has vanished: a second verified order of protection against Carolyn Toerpe also willy nilly transferred out of the Domestic violence court to Probate court has also vanished! All I have are the transfer orders and meanwhile my mother’s life is shortened and everything she tried to stop from happening has happened at the hands of a named abuser Carolyn Toerpe and no one in authority gives a damn!!!!

      That said, Toerpe and company have been able to convince law enforcement that I am the abuser and financial exploiter. Sheriff Darts office actually believes that I am a prescription drug abuser (I was on Tomoxifin a breast cancer prevention drug for five years the only prescription drug I’ve taken in my life) and its Kristin Toerpe who ended up in the ICU at College in Iowa for abusing perscription drugs and alcohol on February 14, 2009! Fred Toerpe is an alcoholic and he has fire arms in the home where my mother now is held hostage: Fred Toerpe also beat the crap out of me on May 19, 2012 in older to stop me from getting my property per a court order: he is the named respondent of two petitions for protective orders one pending in the Probate court and along with the two petitions naming Carolyn Toerpe ignored by Judge Stuart!

      Today is the three year anniversary of the day Carolyn and Fred Toerpe kidnapped my mother from the Harrison Street Court House under the nose of Judge Kirby and with the help of Cook County Sheriff and then took my mother out of the state of Illinois and hid her until attorney Harvey Jack Waller filed an insufficient petition for Plenary Guardian of my mother and never complying with the Sodini notices to Aunt Jo, Aunt Yo or myself, the named abuser/respondant to a verified protective order is appointed guardian of Mary G. Sykes by agreement of GAL’S Cynthia Franga and Adam Stern.

      • Dear Gloria;
        This information is important and would be best as a main post on both blogs. Do you want me to move this? To make these a main post, please send them to me directly. Otherwise the reader has to search back days and look below for comments. Some wordpress users have to click on a link to comments. Just so you know. Of course, you are always free to remain hidden in links. It’s up to you. Thanks. JoAnne

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