From Kathy Bakken, some very good questions–why can’t she see Mary? Because she took the wrong side!

No need to comment re: CF & KD, as JoAnne’s eloquent response more than covers it.  I would however like to add some thoughts & ramblings of my own this evening.

Having recently returned from a most enjoyable afternoon with 50+ relatives celebrating my cousin’s sons graduation, my heart is filled with love for my family. The compassion, concern, generosity of spirit and love for each other, warmed the cockles of my heart.  

In stark contrast I am faced with the isolation of my Aunt Mary (Mary Sykes) at the age of 93.  My crime as explained by her guardian is that I did not side with her (the guardian) during the proceedings.

How could I side with the person that my Aunt begged me to help her stop from taking over her life?

My punishment, is that I am not allowed to speak with or visit my Aunt.  Having not seen her since September of 2009, it saddens me deeply that one person has been able to cause so much pain and heartache, never considering her own mother’s wishes.  

The cruelty of keeping one’s own mother from the family she regularly had contact with is  unimaginable and makes one wonder as to why?

Oddly enough, both guardian ad litem seem to see nothing wrong with this behavior. I would have thought they would question or wonder as to why the guardian has isolated her own mother from her younger daughter (Gloria), her youngest sister (Yolanda), and many of her nieces and nephews.

How is it that the people who are supposed to look out for the wards best interests do not even question as to why the ward has been separated from the people she has loved the most?  While my Aunt objected in open court, neither GAL batted an eye.

Aunt Mary asked Judge Connor’s who was fooling who and for what.  

I couldn’t ask it better myself.

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