From Ken Ditkowsky–a reasonable request to the ARDC

Time to alert the ARDC to the fact that Stern, Farenga et al have not been candid – i.e. they have not disclosed the fact that Mary passed a written examination administered by the Illinois Secretary of State just days before Carolyn filed a petition to declare her incompetent.     This event should give pause to Dr. Shaw.    If he maintains that Mary was incompetent on **** how is he going to explain her passing a written examination.
Of course Gloria is correct –  This is the reason that we need a comprehensive, complete and honest investigation of the Sykes, the Tyler case and the similar cases.     My letter to the ARDC read:
To the Administrator of the Illinois ARDC
Pursuant to Rule which reads:
(b) Issuance of Subpoenas. The clerk of the court shall issue a subpoena ad testificandum or a subpoena duces tecum as provided below:
(1) upon request of the Administrator related to an investigation conducted pursuant to Rules 752, 753, 759, 767, 779, or 780 or related to a deposition or hearing before the Hearing Board; the Administrator may use a subpoena in an investigation conducted pursuant to Rule 753 until such time as a complaint is filed with the Hearing Board;
(2) upon request of the Inquiry or Hearing Board related to a proceeding pending before the Board;
(3) upon request of the respondent or the petitioner related to a deposition or hearing before the Hearing Board; or
(4) upon request of the Administrator related to the investigation or review of a Client Protection Claim.      Ill. Sup. Ct. R. 754
I need issued the following subpoena in accordance with the Rules:
1.       Document subpoena for the Illinois Secretary of State seeking copies of the Driver’s license record of Mary G. Sykes.     It appears that in January 2009 Mary Sykes took and passed both the written and the physical driver’s license test.
Of course if you have these records the Notice to Produce documents previously served on the ARDC would have required their production.     The document production contained many duplicates but I did see this material.    This material is critical as had Mr. Stern and Ms. Farenga as Guardian ad Litem (or the ARDC prior to filing a complaint stating that I was a liar) done the due diligence required of them they would have obtained (or known) about this situation.      As Mrs. Sykes not only was able to file a sworn Petition for an Order of Protection immediately prior to the filing of Petition for her incompetency, but,  we are informed that a few short weeks prior to the filing she passed a written examination administered by the Illinois Secretary of State.
Pursuant to our Himmel Responsibility we respectfully renew the complaints to the ARDC that have been made by me, by Ms. Gloria Sykes, and various other persons who are friends, family and neighbors of the Mary Sykes.    (Our complaints seek an investigation of the actions (and non-actions) of GAL Adam Stern, GAL Cynthia Farenga, etc.)
Thank you for your courtesy and co-operation.
I do not understand how this written test was over-looked by Mr. Stern and Ms. Farenga.    The Petition for a Protective Order against CT should have been a red flag and as there are two GAL the degree of investigation should have been much more careful than if only one had been appointed.    The prior assault on your 80 plus year old aunt should have also raised a red flag – a 260 pound male who is over 6 feet tall has a tough time convincing a person with all his/her faculties that he was in ‘dire’ fear of Aunt Yo!   Does she weigh a 100 pounds.    It should be noted that even the Naperville Police did not buy the story told by Toerpe – they did not arrest Aunt Yo for her vicious assault on Toerpe knuckles using her frail body as a dangerous weapon that made him reasonably fear for his safety.    (Of course the Naperville Police did not arrest Toerpe either! – I guess that in Naperville they have experience with those tough old ladies who terrorize the middle age male residents.)
Ken Ditkowsky

And I would add a request to the ARDC that they investigate the numerous trips to the emergency room during December 2009 to spring 2010 where Mary lost weight and other unknown reasons.

The ARDC should also issue a subpoena to Carolyn and Fred Toerpe asking for a copy of one statement from any bank account they have held since July of 2009, and one check from any account they held in their names, or for their daughter Kristen or Carolyn’s mother Mary, and then the ARDC should ask for statement records at each of those banks beginning in July of 2009–this means they go directly to each bank rather than look for doctored statements from these two miscreants.  At that point I bet they disappear rather than turn over any records.  They will leave Mary behind, penniless and do a quick sale on the home.  Then Gloria will get her mom back.

Good point Ken, I will fax these requests to Ms. Black and let her know if she loses it, it is also posted at so she has no excuse.


1 thought on “From Ken Ditkowsky–a reasonable request to the ARDC

  1. My mother not only did her own banking (just ask the manager and agents at Pullman Bank), but she walked with her pooch Hannah (who is believed dead, and killed by the Toerpes) with me and Shaggy at least two miles a day (ask any of our neighbors and even the men and women at the local fire department): she had just washed the windows on the second floor before being kidnapped by Toerpe, and she was the oldest marcher in the Norwood Park memorial Day Parade (I videotaped her, and just ask the hundreds of neighbors who applauded her as she marched like a teenager ….): ask any of the Ladies of the Guardian Club if she still gardened, and well, everything she told Dr. Makayta (sp) she actually did. He should hve been impressed, but Carolyn Toerpe told him she as a PhD (psychologist) and that she “knew nothing” about any of what my Mother told the quack doctor. Dr. Mycayta saw Mary G. Sykes on August 10, 2009 and yet he signed a medical and legal CCP211 document stipulating that Dr. Raven, on June 30, 2009, reviewed his (August 10, 2009) non-medical report in his final decision. This June 30, 2009 report CCP211 signed by Dr. Raben (sp) is also signed by Carolyn Toerpe PhD. How can any of this be and how is it that no one can see the fraud, medical fraud? What is most amazing is that on June 30, 2009 my Mother was in front of the Domestic Relations Judge until 11:30 am. She was then forced to be separated from me and Aunt Yo and held hostage for the next hour an a half by Toerpe and company: then Mother was kidnapped and forced to return to Naperville with Toerpe and they didn’t arrive home until at least 3 pm I arrived around 4:30 or so with the Naperville Police and Fred Toerpe told the police Mother and Carolyn Toerpe were picking up prescriptions for Mother (wonder what drugs Toerpe bought for her????). When they arrived back, Mother, Officer *** and I met for about 30 minutes. Officer *** wrote in his report that mother was completely lucid and logical and wanted to go to Phily to visit with her only granddaughter. Toerpe told the cops she would return mother on or before July 18, 2009 so Mother could be in the DR court on the 20th July (or so). Officer *** also heard Mother ask me to retain her an attorney for DR court. Let’s all be realistic here. Two Naperville Police officers note that my mother is highly competent on June 30 2009 and yet Toerpe files a CCP211 — signed by a Dr. Raben — with three different handwriting throughout, not to mention the use of black and blue ink in the main body (two different hand writing) and Toerpe’s signature PhD along with Dr. Mocayta (sp).. and it’s dated June 30, 2009. I’m sorry but for even a challenged child, he or she can determine foul play…

    FYI Adam Stern got this report and did not give a copy to the Court. And so the cover up and the need to silence me and all people who tried to and are trying to report the truth and send the perpetrators to prison where they belong, are harassed, intimidated, sanctioned, disqualified, attempts to disbar, and in my case, the perpetrators are allowed to freeze my assets, render me homeless, sell my home, and pauperize me — not to mention, literally physically beat the crap out of me — or as Judge Stuart did, bring me to court under false pretenses, handcuff me and threaten my freedoms and threaten to have my dog killed, too, and then coerce my friend and power of attorney to give up the bank account number of her Indiana account, and then freeze her money…. OMG. Is this America or Nazi Germany? Hitler is alive and well, folks and his name is attorney Adam Stern, Peter Schmiedel, Cynthia Farenga, Deborah Jo Soehlig, Amanda Brynes, Harvey Jack Waller, and the Cook County Probate Court Judges Connors, Stuart and Flemming. And you wonder why good people out of fear do bad things?

    God save us all — God bless us all. As the words that hang on the courtrooms’ walls, “In God We Trust”.

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