From Ken Ditkowsky–an epidemic of worries concerning the elderly

America faces a crisis.   Suddenly a large number of our older citizens have discovered that they are the ‘Jews’ of 2012 and the replacements for the Nazi and Communist criminals have targeted them.    The ARDC complaint filed against me was my wakeup call that the Constitutional protections of the Federal and State Constitutions were not applicable to protect protest.    The regulators of the Legal Profession determined that if you protest the actions (or the non-actions)  of the two guardian ad litem and or the plenary guardian in the Sykes case no matter how accurate your statements – they are all lies!     If you ask a question it is intimidation!
The unintended consequences of the ARDC complaint are to induce some elderly citizens to confide in me as to their personal plight and their fears that they too can become victims.    Yesterday, an elderly accountant whose wife has become severely encumbered expressed in confidence that he was afraid that an impaired child of his could be induced into a Tyler or Gore  situation.    This morning an elderly retired businessman was concerned that a daughter was planning to make him a Mary Sykes.    It appears yesterday his daughter was ***** (attorney client privilege).
Over the years other elderly people ( 70/80 years old) have talked to me over the years about similar problems, but, I was not aware of the extent of the problem and we used irrevocable trusts to obviate the problem which I dismissed as paranoia or maybe a mild dementia.       After all my children would never ‘steal’ from me – or my wife, thus your children would not either.       Unfortunately we are in a different world today.     Who would believe that the World Trade Center could be destroyed by a motley group of terrorists!!     Who would believe that the First Amendment rights of an attorney would not be defended to the death by legal organizations and the profession in general!!    Who would believe that the non-inventory of about a million dollars in assets would not stir and investigation!!!     The idea that Court appointed attorneys would write letters of complaint to the ARDC and they would be taken seriously concerning the call for an investigation is utterly surreal!
Our complaints as to current outrages directed to you and me all beg the question!      What happens to me or any friend or family of a victim is irrelevant.     How do we protect our senior citizens from exploitation and abuse?     In 1936 the world sat on its hands while millions of innocents were marched into gas chambers!    Our government had no problem refusing entry to a ship load of escapees!   We sent them back so that they could be killed in the gas chambers.    We openly placed some of our citizens of Oriental descent in ‘concentration camps’ in the Mohave Desert!    Today we march our senior citizens in ‘nursing homes,’ ‘sheltered care facilities’,  etc.      I call your attention to the affidavit of Mr. Scott Evans as to his observations concerning Mary Sykes environment.    Death is a little more painful and a little longer than the ‘gas chambers!’     Like our National socialist ancestors some our bolder and less principled Court appointed guardians separate the victims from their assets.    Mary Sykes had about a million dollars of assets not inventoried.    Ms. Tyler about nine millions missing.   The list goes on, and the silence is deafening.
I support the call for a comprehensive and honest investigation by law enforcement of every one of these alleged Elder Abuse/Financial Exploitation claims.    There is no reason why an alleged incompetent should be segregated and isolated from his/her family.   There is no reason why an alleged incompetent should be held in isolation and without stimulation.   There is no reason that the assets of an alleged incompetent have to disappear and lost.    There is no reason why guardians ad litem  should not immediately report nursing home accidents (such as an alleged incompetent falling on his her head),  emergency visits – especially those in which neglect is admitted,  allegations of pecuniary misconduct – non-inventory of precious jewelry, collectibles, gold coins etc.     There is no reason why probate courts should not investigate the alleged misconduct and determine that it has jurisdiction.
Unfortunately before a solution for this growing problem can be formulated law enforcement, the Courts, the Congress, the State Legislatures have to do a full investigation.     The serious allegations that have been made need to be fully and honestly investigated – investigation of the complainants is ridiculous but unfortunately the CYA and avarice mentality that has created the crisis.
Ken Ditkowsky

And KD fails to mention that the other day I received a completely shocking report from Ms. Belanger–a Mass. licensed atty whose father is in a guardianship where a CPA and GAL asserted in court that unbelievably his $9 million estate will be depleted in 7 years!  She asks me if that is true.  I replied, it is as long as they figure a way to churn those fees into millions and give business to each of their buddies over the next 7 years–nursing homes, mega pharma treatments at wired in docs, rehab that goes on forever, psychiatric care that goes on forever.  You name it and this $9 million lawyer that gave his two daughters POA and set up a trust to protect his estate from probate, now has a GAL and a CPA as guardian churning those fees and preventing the daughters from seeing their own father!  They have been told it is “too upsetting”. Dad is on major psychotropic medicines because he wants to pick up the phone to call his daughters, he wants to get it in the car and drive to their homes and see his own grandchildren.  But Mass. Probate court prohibits it because–he has $9 million in a bank account at Mellon, NYC and the court appointed a lawyer and a CPA over his own daughters and ignored his well planned estate wishes.  All because Ms. Belanger was dealing with the bank one day and threatened to move the money and they swept in with dad’s former CPA and attorney and put them in charge!  Scary.  He is now a doped up prisoner in his own home.  He too, was “not interested” in attending the competency hearing–when in fact he was and the temp guardian already had it in place to have him drugged that day.

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