Gloria’s open letter to the ARDC regarding Peter Schmeidel, an Illinois attorney

To Whom It May Concern at the ARDC,

Today is a red-letter day for me, a day where it is clear in my head, that the ARDC has empowered and therefore sanctions violations of the Professional Codes of Conducts (for attorneys) but also, empowers attorneys of its liking to perpetrate crimes against innocents for financial gain. Case and point.  In February/March 2010 I wrote my first complaint against attorney Peter Schmiedel and provided the ARDC with a transcript, in full, that in any true court of law, would be enough evidence to prosecute: however, in this case, I heard nothing from the ARDC.  I filed numerous other complaint against attorney Peter Schmiedel, and again, provided the ARDC with verified court transcripts: I received a letter from the ARDC with a copy of a response letter written by Peter Schmiedel’s attorney (I believe the same man who is representing him in the Adversary proceedings in my Chapter 11) and he used words like “baseless”, “malicious”, et al.  The ARDC apparently did not investigate and instead, because Peter Schmiedel’s counsel said the allegations against him based on verified court documents (actual quotes spewing out of SChmiedel’s mouth of fraud on the court, et al) are “baseless”, “unfounded” and “malicious”, the ARDC dripped the complaint and empowered Peter Schmiedel to continue his agenda: to robe me blind, render me penniless and homeless, in order to financially benefit (the only way he would get paid) and to accomplish this, Peter Schmiedel used a 93-year-old woman as his pawn. So filing this complaint and citing all of the violations would, to most, appear useless and a waste of my time. However, attorney Peter Schmiedel may have his ‘buddies’ at the ARDC protecting him as he continues to rind in to courtroom after courtroom on his Trogan Horse, filled with misrepresentations of the facts, malicious lies and fraud on the court (again for his own financial gain) but sooner or later, all of us innocents who seek protections from the ARDC, one ARDC agent will stand up to the political elite and corruption and say, “No, you can’t do that”.  No, attorney Peter Schmiedel you cannot orchestrate the sale of my mother’s property and the looting of her estate with your trickery and in doing so, lie to the sickly Judge Garber knowing that your client is not the trustee of the Mary G. Sykes trust — and evict me from my HOmestead and then reinforce your threats against me (that you will do whatever you need to do to steal all my assets and property–the ARDC has that email, too) and now help your client Carolyn Toerpe steal all of my personal property and work product (for your personal and financial gain) and silence me.
Yep, attorney Peter Schmiedel told Judge Garber that his client had a right to my Mother’s home because my Mother wanted a 50/50 split, “My client,” Schmiedel said about Carolyn Toerpe, “gets the White house and Gloria get’s the Brown house”.  However, mother is still alive, and Mother authored a verified petitoin for an order of protection naming Carolyn Toerpe and her wishes are that Toepre cannot have possession of the so called White House and she cannot enter the White House.  Suffice to say, not only has Peter Schmiedel lied to the Court and recently got possession of the White House, he has instructed his client to prevent me from removing any of my personal and professional property and seized all of my work product, as well as all confidential legal documents needed to litigate in the Federal Courts.  Furthermore, Peter Schmiedel hired Dr. Geoff Shaw to testify that my mother was “incompetent” on a specific date in October 2008 in order for Peter Schmiedel to  steal over $200,000 of my money. Finally, and remember, other than the recent complaint about Peter Schmiedel prohibiting me from safely packing and removing all of my property, property that is part of my bankruptcy estate, he has also influence the court to take control of my home (that was under construction) and sell that home, using one of his friends as a Commissioner, and without proper notice or summons, sell the property and take all of the remaining money again, for his or his buddies, Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern’s personal gain.
Attorney Peter Schmiedel being the band leader obviously feels protected and that the ARDC, having read the court transcripts that testify to all of the violations of the professional code of ethics, et al, apparently sanction all of this malicious, retaliatory behavior of attorney Peter Schmiedel.  To not only lay people but all other attorneys I’ve talked to, they say the same thing: attorney Peter Schmiedel has obstructed justice and continues to obstruct justice for his own personal financial gain.  Why am I filing this complaint, just because I pray that one person at the ARDC will do the right thing and have Peter Schmiedel investigated for fraud, financial exploitation, thievery (unauthorized control of property), influencing a judge with ex parte communications (seen him often walk out from Judge Stuart’s chambers right before the Sykes case is called and then rulings always in his favor); attorney Peter Schmiedel is so empowered by the ARDC that he has spit on Lady Justice as if she is trash, and then laughed loud… because he can.
I have met evil in my lifetime.  I was the first journalist to interview serial killerJohn Wayne Gacy and the first to ask the question of the Board of Education: “Why, after numerous complaints against Mr. Gacy, did you allow him to continue the work-study program in his home”?  “Why did 21 teenage boys have to be drugged, sodomized, murdered and cut up before the political elite request an investigation of Gacy”?  The answer did not come easy for the spokesperson.  “*** because the complaints we received, and the stories we heard, were unbelievable”.  Yes, mother’s calling the board of education and reporting that John Wayne Gacy was ‘queer’ or had “tried to” get push marijuana on ***, or “the last place” Gregory Godzik was known to be was John Wayne Gacy’s home —-   Killer Gacy used the same words, “It’s a malicious attack on my good name” he told the media.  “The complaints are unfounded” he told the police.   The police, the board of Education, and his neighbors believed him.
I was there as the bodies were exhumed from the killer Clown’s home. I was there at the STates ATtorney’s office and did the first interview with killer Gacy. . I looked into John Wayne Gacy’s black holes for eyes and soon after, reported, “John Wayne Gacy is to clever to be insane….”  It was y first big story and remembering every money as I do, I know that had the law enforcement or the Chicago Board of Education followed up on one complaint, many teenage boys would be alive today, including Gregory Godzik.  Similar, if one person at the ARDC just did their job, the life of my mother would e saved and in saving my mother and sanctioning and disbarring attorneys like Peter Schmiedel, the lives of hundreds of elders and disabled people will be saved.  Yes Greg, who I was assigned to interview his parents, lived three blocks from me on Avondale: I couldn’t save his life in reporting the story, but I’ll be damned if I won’t do what needs to be done to save my Mother’s (and my) life.  Attorney Peter Schmiedel has orally threatened my life.
Attorney Peter Schemidel is very clever. I’m certain, like the serial killer Gacy, Peter Schmiedel will simply reply to this complaint using words like “baseless”, “unfounded” and “malicious” and the ARDC will simply ignore or cover up.   So my question to the ARDC is how many lives will be destroyed before attorney Peter Schmiedel will be brought to justice, sanctioned and disbarred?
So here is yet another complaint against attorney Peter Schmiedel who I equate as a John Wayne Gacy serial killer with a Hitler mentality: a man in need of power, control and the thirst for money and will do anything — even against the law — until he prevails.  I guess I should be happy if you do anything, please TELL him to make my Homestead accessible so I can safely pack and in remove my property and stop obstructing justice.
But instead, the ARDC is going after good, decent people who also happen to be attorneys such as Kenneth Ditkowsky, a man my mother, Mary G. Sykes trusts and respects.    I rest my case,
Gloria Jean Sykes

I swear to the above information being true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and will testify to the same given the opportunity. This is being faxed electronically. I give permission to re-publich on the internet or any media outlet.

Gloria Jean Sykes 
Bon Ami Productions, Inc. 
773.631-9262 (fax and office line)
Legal Disclaimer–
Although this is obvious, no person in this blog has been accused of any wrongdoing, crime or even arrested unless stated otherwise from a website reporting actual arrests and convictions. We are stating our opinions and we have the right to do this. Only the particular author is responsible for his or her content. (So don’t blame me if you dislike some posts from someone else. This site is newsworthy because it is picked up automatically by many other blogs and is therefore protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the Illinois State Constitution and violations will be taken seriously with charges under the Illinois Citizens Participation Act. We ARE participating in government here–we are lawyers trying to make a difference to make things better for grandma and grandpa. We don’t care how much money you’re making–directly or indirectly from Probate or a nursing home or home health care wired-in business. Do yourself a favor and get a different job, it’s not worth it.  And if you’re someone filing ARDC complaints against this blog, we are all exercising our rights to disseminate important news to protect the rights of the elderly and respect their wishes.  Again, go get another job–it’s not worth it.
PS – This blog is primarily for entertainment purposes only and please don’t file any pleadings or documents in court without checking with the sources for errors.  And I promise not to charge CF or AS more than my published hourly rate of $300 per hour.  We take credit cards and paypal on our website.  Another teeheehee.  Sorry, but portions of this blog have to be entertaining so we can get the word out.  There is most certainly a great deal of (stinging) truth in it, esp. for the GAL’s, the probate court and a society that ignores (thereby condoning) the sleazy world of probate, and in particular the 18th floor of the Daley Center in Chicago, but everyone needs to understand, these are not pleadings, there is no Motion, Response and Reply set by any court, together with extended legal argument recorded by a court reporter and subject to a Motion to Reconsider if errors or new evidence is found.  So don’t take it that way.  Like a good reporter, do your own due diligence and check with the sources first.  Honestly, I have to explain blogs to attorneys?  Have they no life? Do they not know how to email me or use the “comments” section at all?

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