From Gloria Sykes–two new orders of protection in DuPage County

It is kind of amazing when a simple thing like serving a document is so damn difficult.   It has been suggested that the ‘fix’ is in.   How deep does it go!    The profits from systematic elder abuse and financial exploitation must be just out of sight.
What we need is a bill in the legislature to make it open season on the political elite.   Maybe AARP can be talked into getting out of the insurance business and put some effort into getting us a couple of elected representatives who talk straight, act straight and are actually interested in grandma!
Ken Ditkowsky


From: GLORIA Jean SYKES <>
To:; Lucinda <>; GLD <>; Elaine NAsga <>
Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2012 11:14 AM
Subject: RE: DuPage County received Petitions for orders of protections on Carolyn and Fred Toerpe yesterday early morning and yet, nothing was sent out to have served….

as I just got off the telephone with M at the DuPage County Sheriff’s department in and regarding the two petitions for protective orders against Fred and Carolyn Toerpe received via certified mail yesterday morning by the DCSD at 7:35 am. The documents never made it to M’s officer for dispatch and service. In fact there is no record of either summons!    I faxed her over the summons on Fred Toerpe but must have left my copy of Carolyn Toerpe’s at *** where I was copying and mailing Certified return service on Wednesday. That said, Deputy M. will have Fred served today and will investigate what happened to and why the two summons were not presented to her division yesterday for service today.  I beleive Fred Toerpe’s son, Detective Sheriff Robert Toerpe who works out of DuPage has some clout and maybe is preventing such service. That said, whatever happened, there is no coincidence.  I will be speaking with M on Monday afternoon and if need be, return to the court and get a new copy of service on Carolyn Toerpe and then Fax immediately.  All in all the Toerpes are very impowered and I cannot find anybody to be with me from noon to 2 pm tomorrow and I will not be in the home alone with Fred and Carolyn Toerpe– although I need my property to sustain and litigate and ****.  That said, it’s a war in which I need one battle victory.  So far, I’m swimming up stream and Toerpe and company are holding all of the aces…   Until there is a resolution or a sense that one word I speak is accurate and of substance no one will do this story.  I’ve tried.  Writing the book is a different story all together. That, however can’t be completed unless there is an ending…   right now even the pbulisher won’t publish with an ending that I am homeless, penniless and mumbling how my sister got so much power and empowerment that *****.  Just got off the telephone with .

Gloria Jean Sykes 
Bon Ami Productions, Inc. 

773.631-9262 (fax and office line)


5 at  I had to post them because someone kept on taking them down on!

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