Another (sigh) bogus attorney Disqualification–this time from the ARDC.

This is in response to my informing Mr. Ditkowsky that I was contacted ex parte by Ms. Lea Black at the ARDC regarding an interview for the complaint filed against ME by Cynthia Farenga.  I had, in a previous phone conversation informed Ms. Black that Mr. Ditkowsky would be representing me.  She said that was not possible because I might be a witness in the case against KD.  But this makes no sense whatsoever.  Illinois law on disqualification is clear you must 1) have a jury which might be confused when a lawyer/witness testifies or 2) there must be such a gross internal conflict between the attorney and his client such that the attorney might provided testimony that is biased–that is, there must be something like malpractice on the atty’s part, or some similar egregious action where the atty might tell a different story so he won’t be charged with a tort or crime arising out of the atty-client relationship.  There is no such conflict arising here.  Ms. Black is just plain wrong.  KD and I are on the same side and fighting for Mary.  I have no potential cause of action against KD.
To tell  client they cannot have free choice of counsel is one of the most egregious torts that can occur.
I am completely sickened by the use of “atty disqualification” as a bogus tool to impede justice.
It is outrageous that Ms. Black should have contacted you directly, when she is aware that I am representing you.     She may not approve, but, it is not her position to dictate who can represent you and who cannot.
The question is how we handle the complaint.    The Motion to Dismiss that I am filing today addresses the situation as it is so horrendous and is another reason for the dismissal of the frivolous complaint filed against me.
The series of cover-up and outright intimidation attempts that are so obvious in the Sykes case are indicative of political corruption.    Exactly how deep this thing goes is hard to anticipate but it has to be addressed.   It appears to me that Ms. Black as an attorney for the ARDC was and is well versed in the fact that her conduct was going to produce a fire storm.   The question is why, and whether or not this was a diversion or just arrogance.    The issues in are just too important to be taken off center stage.    As I state in my Motion – the attorneys are minor players – what society has to do is seize onto the miscreants and force them to reveal the ‘roots’ of the criminal enterprise.
For instance, the ‘million dollars’ that has not been inventoried in Sykes – who shared in the ‘loot!’  What political operatives shared?    Why has there been no ARDC investigation of Farenga, Stern and Schmiedel?   Why are they immune?   Why is law enforcement so impotent?
The Sykes case and the other Elder Abuse cases are ‘big time’ criminal enterprises as not only are substantial sums of money involved, but they involve the more heinous crimes — separation of an individual from his/her human rights!   Many of the nursing homes, day care centers are 21st Century National socialist death camps!     Read Scott Evan’s description of the facility that he observed Mary Sykes housed!     I’ve personally observed some of the Morris Esformes facilities –  I watched dignity be taken from human beings as they were allowed to lie in their own urine!
Everytime I hear one of the political elite worry about Grandma’s social security check I think of Adam Stern, Cynthia Feranga, and Peter Schmiedel and the incident that Mr. Evans describes in his affidavit!     It is indeed interesting that complaining about the unjust enrichment of ***** is a unethical act for attorneys according to the Illinois Supreme Court’s Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission complaint against me and Ms Black’s indiscretion documented by her unauthorized communication with Ms. Denison.
Ken Ditkowsky
Legal Disclaimer (added by JMDenison)
Although this is obvious, no person in this blog has been accused of any wrongdoing, crime or even arrested unless stated otherwise from a website reporting actual arrests and convictions. We are stating our opinions and we have the right to do this. Only the particular author is responsible for his or her content. (So don’t blame me if you dislike some posts from someone else).  This site is newsworthy because it is picked up automatically by many other blogs and is therefore protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the Illinois State Constution and violations will be taken serious with charges under the Illinos Citizens Participation Act.  We ARE participating in government here–we are lawyers trying to make a difference to make things better for grandma and grandpa.  We don’t care how much money you’re making–directly or indirectly from Probate or a nursing home or home health care wired-in business.  Do yourself a favor and get a different job, it’s not worth it.

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