Fond memories of Gloria’s Mother, Mary G. Sykes

From Gloria J Sykes:

Dear All,

My mother is the most amazing woman in the world. We played miniature golf (in February, 2011) and she completed 16 holes before she got “dizzy”. I learned the PG gave her a “late breakfast” — so at 2:30, unbeknownst to me she was in need of some protein. Nothing around, i bought her a sorbet with fresh blueberries and we shared it. She went back and we completed three more holes and my sister was waiting, watching, about 50 feet away. My cousin Debbie, who had it not been for her, the visit would never had happened, took a couple of pictures of us (I guess AS didn’t tell her about the court order) and **** What I remember most is how mom was in awe… being able to feel free, around people she loved, and people she didn’t know, but people active and having fun. There was a family playing before us, and the father/husband, tried hard, but couldn’t break 4 – 6 strokes before getting the ball in the hole. His wife wasn’t that must better, but at one point we went before them to complete the course. And I watched him watch mother play. One whole she landed the ball in the hole in three shots, and the other hole, well it was considered a hole in one — and mom won a free game at the course. The man walked over to my mother to congratulate her, “Will you teach me how to golf?” he asked her. Mom’s eyes were wide opened, she felt important, good and told him she was 92 years old.
We talked about Julie Smith, mom’s long time friend and mom asked, “Are the gals getting together soon…Do you think you could put together a visit with the gals at the garden club?” I asked Kathie to see what she could do. I told mom my friend asked me to come to Greece and she replied, “you have to fly to get there…. oooooh.” Mom said she didn’t like to fly and she recalled a simulator we had experienced.. which brought back good memories with Daddy, and Kristin when she was about 8 or so.
At one point a little boy walked by mom carrying a golf club, and mom laughed and smiled, “Look at that little guy…”
She reminded me of a wrongfully imprisoned person who upon release, is cautious, subdue, and wide-eyed: look how much I’ve missed. She definitely showed signs of isolation, and gaslighting. But she enjoyed herself and before i had to turn her over to Debby to connect with the PG, mom asked me which home she was going to. I said in a cherry voice, “you will be with Carolyn now” and mom said, “I’m so confused….where are you living now?” I told her in Norwood Park, Chicago, and she sighed. I smiled and said, “Everything will be okay.” and she said, “As long as it’s a good outcome.” and then kissed me and said, “As long as we have our health, we can do anything.” I wanted to just grab her and run, but I hugged her and kissed her and told her how much I love her and that I am always there for her.” She told me that she loves me very much too, and I thought she was going to cry, so I kissed her again, and said goodbye and walked away. I didn’t turn back. I didn’t want to watch her or see the PG. I walked fast and thought it all to be so unbelievable. How could anybody do this to a beautiful and amazing woman like my Mother.
It took me 30 minutes longer to arrive today: my navigator look me the wrong way (go figure) and the PG wouldn’t give me a few minutes more. It was like a lockdown at a prison…
I didn’t say see you later, or I’ll talk to you tomorrow, because I don’t know if I’ll see her ever again or talk to her again. Debbie will give a good report and like all the other good reports, the person witnessing our love and friendship, the kindness and love between mother and daughter, are told they can’t supervise any more.
There is no dementia; Mom isn’t seriously demented as Adam Stern, the GAL, told Judge Stuart; and I don’t agitate her. She is agitated because when she sees me she wants to know when she can go home.  She desperately wants to go home and quietly live out her days with me.  What there is, however, is a woman who has given up and realizes she has no rights or control over her life– and she’s resolved that it is what it is.
So hug the person you love, and remember that in a wink of an eye, a nod, or a signature on a dotted line, that person can be taken away from you and you’ll never see them again…
I am blessed that my cousin Debbie gave up her afternoon and played miniature golf with us.
I saw my Mother two more times: she played winning hands of canasta and we went for a long walk, and both times she didn’t want to return to Toerpe’s home. She asked Debbie if “Carolyn was going to sell [her] home from under [her]?” and asked Debbie to help stop Carolyn. That was in March 2011. Toerpe is not only selling Mother’s home from under her, Toerpe stopped all communications between Mother and me after Debbie told GAL Adam Stern what mother asked. We think that in American this activity should not happen, but it does, so it’s foolish of me to rant about how wrong it is, because it is. What I know is that Carolyn Toerpe, through her counsel Fischel and Kahn, (Peter Schmiedel, et al), and TWO GALs, Cynthia Feranga and Adam Stern, have lied to FOUR courts — Probate, Forcible Eviction and Detainer, U. S. Bankruptcy, and the U.S. District Courts– in order to get the Judges to rule to their benefit and it’s all about money. The lives of HUMAN BEINGS are irrelevant. Cynthia Feranga, Adam Stern, Peter Schmiedel, are attorneys who should not practice law, but practice how to survive wearing orange jump suits in FEDERAL PRISONS for standing idly by when the following was occurring:  obstruction of justice, abuse of process, spoilation of evidence, malicious prosecution, financial exploitation, and isolating my mother, allegedly drugging her, and neglecting her medically, socially and emotionally, causing a slow death — and ultimately MURDER is the next step. Yes, as soon as they get rid of me they will assuredly MURDER my mother through over-or under-medication, suffocation, or feeding her high levels of sugar. That said, Probate Courts are Courts of Pre-meditative sanctioned murder and the Sykes case is a good sample of just how far attorneys like Peter Schmiedel, Cynthia Farenga, Harvey Jack Waller, and Adam Stern will go for money. Of course, by ‘agreeing’ to appoint my sister, Carolyn Torepe, the known and named respondent to a petition of a protective order, they agreed to do Toerpe’s dirty work against our mother and me, in order to get paid. Yep, again… I sincerely believe Toerpe told them that if they got ride of me, they froze my accounts, pauperized me and hopefully the stress would kill me, too, they would get paid handsomely. That was back in in and around June 2009, after mother filed a verified petition for an order of protection to stop Toerpe from doing exactly what Judge Connors and now Judge Jane Louise Stuart has rubber stamped.
FYI after I complained about Judge Connors, she was spontaneously promoted to the Appellate Court where she now seeks to retain her seat on the bench.
Any help anybody can give us by republishing this open letter is a blessing. All my Mother wants for Christmas is to be able to return to her home. Help me stop Toerpe and Company from selling Mother’s home, isolating her and returning Mother home for Christmas. Saving my Mother’s life will save the lives of millions of seniors and disabled people, Happy Holidays.

Gloria Jean Sykes
Bon Ami Productions, Inc.

1 thought on “Fond memories of Gloria’s Mother, Mary G. Sykes

  1. I was not able to see or talk to my mother for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and I’m certain as my sister Carolyn Toerpe retaliates against me for fighting for mother’s freedoms and rights, I won’t be able to wish my Mother Happy Birthday on her 93rd Jan. 5, 2012. Only a monster would do this to their mother, and Carolyn Toerpe is an evil, sick monster. Like I’ve said before, no devil in hell or person in spirit will stop me from finding justice and stopping court sanctioned abuses of my mother Mary G. Sykes. She, and I have a right to be let alone. I love you mother.

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