How long will the court allow the isolation of Mary G Sykes?

Question: How often have you (Gloria Sykes, a nearly 60 year old woman) seen your mother since Carolyn Toerpe was appointed Guardian of your mother:

(1)  the second to last time I spent time with my Mother.  We went bowling.  She even broke 100!  People were coming up to her because she was so filled with energy and a good bowler, that they were applauding her (for her age).

(2)  the last time I saw my mother was at my Aunt Jo’s home in March 2009.  She played yet another winning hand of canasta.  Here she was so happy to see Shaggy, and obviously, he’s also happy to see her.

(3)  Mom and I the first time I saw her after 10 1/2 months of not being able to see or talk to her in 2010.  This was the first visit based on a court order that I can visit my mother ‘approximately every two weeks”.  Don’t know how a court can stop the association between a mother and daughter, let alone demand supervision, but Carolyn Toerpe NEVER complies with court orders.

I love my mother so much that I’ve risked everything to save my life in order to save her life and bring her home to the community where she thrived for 55 years and the people she loves and trusts.

From Gloria Sykes.

No one understands at all why Carolyn will not let Gloria visit her, or why the court allows a guardian to isolate a 92 year old disable person from her family.  Her elderly sisters have not seen her.  They cannot call her on the phone.  Gloria cannot call her.

Neither Mary’s sisters nor Gloria could Mary for Thanksgiving 2011.  And they did not see her in 2010.

If Gloria (daugher) or Yolanda (sister) wants to see or call Mary G, they must get a court order for each and every phone call or short one hour visit.

This is clearly not the intent of the Illinois Probate Code.  No Guardian should EVER be allowed to isolate and refuse visitation and phone calls by family members.

The Probate court allows this to continue.  The GAL’s turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the isolation.  As long as they get paid for each and every court call, they allow the abuse to continue so they can continue to bill on the case!

Carolyn Toerpe continually vioates court orders, she violates the probate code.  The Court and the GAL’s are well aware of this, BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE or STOP THIS from happening.

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Legal Disclaimer–
Although this is obvious, no person in this blog has been accused of any wrongdoing, crime or even arrested unless stated otherwise from a website reporting actual arrests and convictions. We are stating our opinions and we have the right to do this. Only the particular author is responsible for his or her content. (So don’t blame me if you dislike some posts from someone else).  This site is newsworthy because it is picked up automatically by many other blogs and is therefore protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the Illinois State Constitution and violations will be taken seriously with charges under the Illinois Citizens Participation Act.  We ARE participating in government here–we are lawyers trying to make a difference to make things better for grandma and grandpa.  We don’t care how much money you’re making–directly or indirectly from Probate or a nursing home or home health care wired-in business.  Do yourself a favor and get a different job, it’s not worth it.

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