Open Letter to Naperville, IL Police Dept by Gloria Jean Sykes

Dear Ken and Sgt. Krammerer,

I woke up and reread Sgt. Kramerrer’s email and still faced with the horrors perpetrated upon my mother and all people she loves and trusts. I am dumbfounded as to how a law enforcement agent can reasonable accuse me, or any person my mother loves and trusts, of making ‘unfounded’ reports, when in fact, Sgt. Krammerer has admitted that his only source of information is a named respondent to a petition of an order of protection, a ‘person of the lie’ who has not only repeatedly lied to the Naperville police, lied to the Court (three courts including a Federal Judge), not just about her profession (claims she’s a PhD and signed legal documents and filed them with the court stating the same); but also, Sgt. Krammerer NEVER spent one minute on this case performing a true and reasonable investigation into elder abuse, financial exploitation, et al!  That is Sgt. Krammerer who, according to GAL Adam Stern, emailed Stern, told Stern he, Krammerer,  would have me “arrested” for asking for ‘wellness checks’ for my Mother, and Stern claims that Sgt. Krammerer asked him to ask the court to write an order preventing me for further requests of wellness checks.  That there have been over two dozen complaints against Caroyn Toerpe from family and dear freinds over the past two years, (that is an estimate of one a month) and yet, Sgt. Krammerer, believes that all people who Mother loves and trust are “bad” people and that Toerpe is a good person.  That Sgt. Krammerer, had he done his homework would learn that Toerpe was estranged from the family for over 10 years, and that she only got involved in the family after I received a settlement from a homeowners lawsuit on my home, where the insurance company sued me!  That had Sgt. Krammerer done his homework, as he claims he is a law enforcement agent, he would have interviewed Toerpe’s neighbors, and her husband’s family, and learned that Toerpe had no relationship with mother prior to 2009,  and that my mother has probably asked neighbors and Toerpe’s family for help.  That I have at least three 911 calls directly after my mother called me or picked up wthe telephone and begged me for help, and the Naperville Police the last call a coule of months ago, told me that Toerpe had an order preventing me from talking to my mother on the telephone.  No, Sgt. Krammerer had not done his homework, not even close to a threshold of providing documents, reports, et al. that should then be turned over the Illinois States Attorney for prosecution.
That Sgt. Krammerer does not find it criminal that Toerpe has denied me the right or my mother the right to talk to me on the telephone, and that she has yet to comply with one court order, from producing a full statement of mother’s assets, to allowing unsupervised visits, let alone visits ‘approximately every two weeks”.

Sgt. Krammerer is quick to allege that I am the problem and cannot be ‘civil’ around my Mother, when in fact, I have over a dozen ‘visits’ with my mother since this started and at no time has the Police been called me and/or has Toerpe, Farenga, Stern provided the Naperville Police with a  ‘record of conviction’  that would prevent me from unfettered visits with my Mother..  That Sgt. Krammerer, if not turning a blind eye to the ‘facts’ then he is part of the problem and enabling Toepre to abuse, neglect and exploit my Mother.  That any decent person would have questioned Toerpe, the Toerpe family, neighbors, and all the people mother loves and trusts before jumping to his conclusions that my statements are ‘unfounded’.  That one of the chapters in my book is complete with ‘facts’ surrounding the Naperville Police department and its lack of concern for Mary G. Sykes, and it’s bias approach to this case.  That I will not be threatened or intimidated by Sgt. Krammerer or any law enforcement agent who believes that he or she can bully me into silence, or, also, as in this case,  accept an email as the Holy Grail.

It is known that Robert Toerpe, Carolyn Toerpe’s husband’s son not only lives in Naperville but is in cahoots with the DuPage Sheriff’s department.

That this will be the third Thanksgiving, Christmas — holiday season I have been dennied access to my mother and Sgt. Krammerer beleives that this is okay and is perpetrated by a ‘healthy individual’. The court, Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga should do a psych evaluation on Carolyn Toerpe and would find a very sick, greedy, manipulative woman whose only agenda is to use my mother as a pawn and do me great harm.  This is criminal.  That to ignore this is just as evil as all the people who ignored the rape and molesation of children by the Catholic Church: Penn State, et al.  That being an ostrich is easier than confronting these evils and society is harmed because of people like Sgt. Krammerer.  That had the Chicago police simply not ignored complaints about John Wayne Gacy, 21 boys would have grown up to have families of their own and contributed to society. If you recall, Gacy charmed the Chicago Board of Education who allowed Gacy to have these boys participate in a homework program in Gacy’s house.  And let’s not forget that yesterday they released reports of two more law enforement agents who are lawless and lived above the law stealing x amount of drug money…… That I beleive Sgt. Krammerer is a part of the problem rather than the solution, which is unfortunately the norm rather than the unusual.

That I am asking for a meeting with the Chief of Police in Naperville, a full investigation of Carolyn Toerpe, and so my mother can at least spend 10 minutes with me over the holidays, a wellness check of my mother with myself, and such a meeting must/shall be outside the home of Carolyn Toerpe, who is also named in a US District Court ADA complaint where the evidence of violations against a disabled person are not just mere allegations and are founded in the facts and evidnece that Carolyn Toerpe, Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga and the Probate Court have denied my mother access to the corut, access to servives, programs, and activities, et al., and to do so, have ‘isolated’ my mother from family, friends, her home and community wher she thrived.   That apparently as a public servant, Sgt. Krammerer is also denying my mother access to the Court, police, and public services, support and her rights as an American Citizen.

Ifi the Naperville Police truly care about my mother, then on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday, then I expect to meet with the Chief of Police of Naperville, and be escorted to the Toerpe home of and/or the adult day care cener or wherever my mother is held up, and a wellness check in my presense will take place.  Let’s see who is filing ‘unfounded’ reports, Sgt. Krammerer.    I will ask that the local newspaper also be present so we can have an accurate acounting of this 10 minute visit and make it public so there will be no ‘bias’ in reporting this visit and that I was not only ‘civil’ with my mother, but that Mother asked for an attorney.  This, Sgt. Krammerer is the reason they are isolating Mother to keep their raged of horrors until such time they get rid of me.  Unfortunately for them, I’m not going anywhere soon.

At all times I do not waive my rights to further filings of complaints with law enforcements agencies, adult services, the political elite, et al.  As so often quoted from “A Few Good Men”, I beleive Sgt. Krammerer “can’t handle the truth’. To do so would mean the arrest of Carolyn Toerpe and the freedom and life saving rescue of my mother, Mary G. Sykes.

Oh, FYI it has been reported that Hannah, my mother’s companion pooch has not been seen for over 6 months.  I have also documented not only elder abuse, medical neglect, isolations, and financial exploitation, but also animal abuse.  That said, you can check out my credentials, Sgt. Krammerer.  I don’t make ‘unfounded’ statements, reports, nor do I go pubic with speculations, innuendo, allegations, et al.  But then, I have nothing to hide.

I can meet with you and the Chief or a representative from the Chief’s office any time on Monday, after 3 on Tuesday and any time on Wednesday.  It’s Thanksgiving, a very religious holiday to my mother.  At least give her the gift of having an opportunity to be heard, and an answer to her prayers that she can spend at least ten minute with me, away from the control and hostage of the named respondent to a petition for an order of protection that mother authored in the care and control of State employees at the Domestic Relations division in order to stop Carolyn Toerpe from doing exactly what Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga (also named Defendants in the ADA complaint) agreed and empowered Carolyn Toerpe to do.

That you Sgt. Krammerer want to ‘arrest’ me as Adam Stern reported to the Court for asking for wellness check, when the last two requests my MOTHER ASKED ME TO HELP HER makes me wonder whose side you are really on, and in light of your email, I do not believe it’s in the best interest of Mary G. Sykes.  This is just my humble opinion, of course, and two years of intense, thorough investigation.  How far will you go under the law to protect your Mother?  Please contact me at the earliest time to set up this ‘wellness check’ and give Mary G. Sykes the gift of life, her family and friends that she trust and loves, and the opportunity to be heard!

Yes, I woke up this morning, feeling uneasy with the reality that the Naperville Police and it’s so called ‘senior services representatives have turned a blind eye to an obvious case of court sanctioned elder abuse and the abusers, now defendants to a US District Court ADA complaint made by Mary G. Sykes by ‘next-best-friends’ who only want to witness my Mother live out her life with the people she loves, in her home of choice, involved in the activities and community where she once thrived, and with all the freedoms and liberties guaranteed under the Constitutions of the United States and Illinois.  Sgt. Krammerer you took an oath to serve and protect, so serve and protect.

(Permission to repost granted)

Healthy Regards,

Gloria Jean Sykes


Legal Disclaimer–
Although this is obvious, no person in this blog has been accused of any wrongdoing, crime or even arrested unless stated otherwise from a website reporting actual arrests and convictions. We are stating our opinions and we have the right to do this. Only the particular author is responsible for his or her content. (So don’t blame me if you dislike some posts from someone else).  This site is newsworthy because it is picked up automatically by many other blogs and is therefore protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the Illinois State Constitution and violations will be taken seriously with charges under the Illinois Citizens Participation Act.  We ARE participating in government here–we are lawyers trying to make a difference to make things better for grandma and grandpa.  We don’t care how much money you’re making–directly or indirectly from Probate or a nursing home or home health care wired-in business.  Do yourself a favor and get a different job, it’s not worth it.

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