From the Wall Street Journal–the more offensive the speech, the more it must be free

From the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

And in the time honored Jerome Larkin, the article describes in detail why Melissa Smart was citing improper case precedent when she started out my trial with this blog is “like yelling fire in a crowded theater”.  Of course, this blog is not the same as that and that standard quote by Justice Holmes was made at the turn of the 19th century and had to do with war time speech and divulging war strategy information.  It since has been replaced with the speech must incite its audience to imminent violence, and in fact do so.

One more case misquote from the ARDC who dismisses out of hand the complaints in the Sykes case (where everyone predicted Mary’s assets would be liquidated primarily for attorney’s fees–they were, she would be put in a nursing home a place she did not want to be–she was, her estate would be drained and then she would be narcotized to death).

This blog is someone wrong.  But killing a senior when the money runs out is not.  Nope, no reason to investigate that.  But we have a long line of cases in Illinois–when the money runs out, the senior must die–Sykes, Tyler, Gore, Drabik, Rector, Jaycocx, Baker, etc.

Seniors that know better run and hide when the money runs out.

Seniors heavily drugged and still at risk and the ARDC looks the other way:  Thomas and Frake.

From Ken Ditkowsky:

Is it not time for an investigation into why JEROME LARKIN and certain Justices of the Supreme Court of Illinois appear to have so much invested in the corruption that exists at the Daley Center in Chicago, Illinois.
The petition by the IARDC claiming the public would be harmed by allowing JoAnne Denison and Lanre Amu to practice law while the wired cases (coverups) continued against them has to be itself investigated.   The Wall Street Journal article is clear that such speech is protected.

Taking away a patient’s right to sue via the Arbitration Clause

from Ken Ditkowsky

The article from the Register addresses the situation in which a senior is placed in a nursing home = it does not specifically address the placement by a guardian for profit (i.e. a Court appointed guardian).

It you follow the political news, when political figure finds himself/herself in an unfavorable limelight the weaseling begins which results in the drip, drip, drip torture of expose after expose.   The ‘elder cleansers’ all have been playing the system for a long time and the growth of opposition parties to the War on the Elderly and the Disabled has not gone un-noticed.
These are very smart people.   The have enlisted cadres of corrupt jurists, judicial officials, and public officials to do their dirty work.     As Trump and Clinton both have pointed out – dollars talk.    Here in Illinois a simple request for an HONEST INVESTIGATION gathers outraged ire and even disbarment of the attorneys making such a First Amendment Request.   Not even the Court’s of last resort have the integrity to resist the miscreants.   The State is bankrupt, but tax collectors look the other way as billions of dollars are extorted, more billions are stolen, and government coffers are raided for additional billions.  The Watchdogs of the public house are deaf, dumb, blind, and out to lunch.
The state of affairs is about to change.   Even without media attornment or publicity the general public is learning that Mr. Jerome Larkin (as an example) owes taxes on his conspiratorial receipt of billions of dollars stolen from seniors and disabled people by the corrupt lawyers and judges he protects. The public is upset that Larkin is immune from paying the very taxes that they would have pay and little by little outrage is building.
The promulgators of the health care fraud syndromes whether nursing home operators (and owners) or just run of mill criminals know that once the public gets to know the facts they will be the focus of some very aggressive law enforcement.   In the last century tar and feathers was a favor method of dealing with the miscreants.   Thus, their ‘wired’ Courts are going to either do the jobs that the public expects or become unwired.
These facts may be obscured to us, but not our opponents.   Thus, they are ‘short circuiting’ the outrage by redirecting it.    Janet Phelan alerted us to the licensing gambit.  (NB. licensing only the guardians for profit and providing the public with another benign regulatory body that is designed to protect the elder cleansing industry).    The arbitration ploy with proper safeguards to protect the pre-determination for the health care provider is a easy sell.    
Who could complain to the following formula:
1) the parties agree to pick from a panel of arbitrators their arbitrator – i.e. a retired judge!
2) from a panel of arbitrators each side picks an arbitrator and the two arbitrators pick a third.
Think for a minute?   Who do you know who is an arbitrator?    For that matter – who do you know who is lawyer who does arbitration?    Let me assure you – the nursing home operators know quite a few of those fellows.   The well is “salted” from day one.
Let’s go a step further.   YOU are not a party – the party is Grandma.   She has been adjudicated incompetent and her guardian – appointed by that corrupt judge – is going to pick the arbitrator.    Do I have to draw the picture any further!
The object is to frustrate your protestations and create a delusion – suggesting that your complaint is frivolous and you are ‘nut!’     Article alerts us to yet another aspect of the War on the Elderly and the Disabled and why we have to urge Attorney General Lynch to start making some meaningful indictments that will encourage the health care industry (and in particular the elder cleansers) to just follow rule of law.
As I’ve stated many times before – I like the idea of Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators being required by the Civil branch of the Department of the Treasury to just pay the income taxes, interest and penalties that they owe jointly and severally.   

From Ken Ditkowsky–a letter to the Illinois Treasurer–collect the taxes on ill gotten gains

Dear Mr. Freichs – Illinois treasurer.
Why is Illinois refusing to collect the taxes due from the miscreants who are using our courts to isolate, abuse and exploit the elderly and the disabled.   A breach of a fiduciary relationship is a taxable event.   A conspiracy to breach a fiduciary relations is taxable jointly and severally for each member of the conspiracy.

Now let’s get down to specifics.   Here in Cook County acting in concert two guardian ad litem, a guardian, an attorney, a judge and some other miscreants failed to inventory or report a million dollars in gold coins that we removed by the plenary guardian from a safety deposit box of the Ward and the younger daughter of the Ward.  (See Cook County case 09 P 4585)    A total of approximately $3 million dollars was stolen.

Jerome Larkin jointed the conspiracy when I and several other lawyers called for an HONEST investigation.   The Honest investigation was refused, but when we persisted at the urging of guardian ad litem Farenga and Stern the IARDC making obviously false and untrue statements sought and obtained our suspensions from the practice of law.    Pursuant to 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 no jurisdiction over Mary Sykes or her estate was ever obtained – however, by obfuscation and a quite of bit of frugality with truth, Larkin and his co-conspirators assiduously sought to keep the truth from surfacing.

Illinois is in a financial crisis – it law enforcement and the IDR does its job the crisis is solved as Sykes is not the only case in which this type of fiduciary theft (by conspiracy) has occurred.    It is so obscene that in the Alice Gore case the miscreants actually when prospecting for gold in the mouth of Alice Gore – the found gold and harvested it!    Of course their booty was not inventoried – so it is very clear that it was never inventoried and no taxes were paid on the loot.

Mr. Larkin and his co-conspirators covered up this outrage as well.

I invite you to read the MARYGSYKES, Probate Sharks, and NASGA blogs.   Mr. Larkin will not approve, but even though Illinois government does recognize Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution or the Bill of Rights most States in the United States do – We invite you to do your job and protect the elderly and the disabled.  (Americans With Disabilities Act title 2). 

And now a feel good story–

I hope someday this blog will turn into an endless string of these.

This week I saw one story in Oregon where a man planned on painting a senior’s home that had become decrepit, put the plan on his Facebook and thousands turned to support him, help paint an and pay for supplies!

Today, Kris Hood (thanks Kris) had on her Facebook the following story and a must watch video:

These are seniors learning FaceBook to communicate with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  How wonderful is that?

Take a couple of minutes and look at this amazing video trailer of teens teaching seniors who have never used a computer how to write and read email and access Facebook and Youtube where a world of information awaits them.

All good news, all feel good.

We need to stop asking “what’s in it for me” but rather “how can I save the world, one day at a time?”


Finally, in the mainstream media, one ward gets out and speaks out about an abusive g-ship

While the likes of Jerome Larkin and Sharon Opryszek are running around and saying the Sykes case was not a lie and a scam, it was, one brave woman in Florida was able to escape and this got in the mainstream media for a change–abc

Mary Sykes is now dead.  All her money went to attorneys or over priced nursing home bills when she wrote in her POA for health care specifically she did not want to live in a nursing home, she wanted to stay at home.  The Connors-Stuart-MacCarthy team ignored all that, forced her to live in a nursing home and took away all her rights to be and live with her daughter Gloria.

Eventually she was narcotized to death.

The ARDC and Larkin say I was lying, the flying monkeys in probate say I was lying, but the world knows better now.

I am still suspended, but the truth is now out.

The ARDC has turned black into white and white into black–like a house painter.

For Mary G Sykes, the 09 P 4585 proceedings were a death trap in a place she did not want to live, with nearly a million dollars in valuable coins stolen, all discovery quashed, and then she was forced to live in a nursing home–a place she specifically said she did not want to be in.  All the money ran out, and she was narcotized to death.

Mary is now in a far better place, but her poster child like story lives on on this blog, and the ARDC, Jerome Larkin and Sharon Opryszek have not reversed their positions in light of the truth.

Larkin is getting older, and like his brother will be in need of a guardian.  Perhaps the time is now when black is white and white is black for him, protecting all his cronies.

The only one thing the lawyers of Illinois are asking him, and the public also, is to do his job and get rid of all these flying monkeys.  Stop harassing and persecuting those attorneys like myself that work primarily for free for truth and justice and to preserve and protect the US and Illinois constitutions.

Right now, the lawyers he protected in Sykes–the Farenga, Stern, Schmeidel and Waller team have not been investigated and they prey on more elderly and disabled.

The nearly $200,000 legal bill for the Sykes case is a disgrace.  Farenta, Stern, Schmeidel and Fischel and Kahn should be ashamed.  They are a disgrace.  The $87,000 spent on a tied in nursing home (and I would like to see the kickbacks that were paid for this given the fact that Sunrise Park Ridge is advertising a $2,000 kickback for every senior), was specifically prohibited by Mary.  Moving her to Naperville, when she allegedly suffered from dementia was also a disgrace.  As pointed out in a recent article on dementia, why are we isolating seniors and moving them to nursing homes without their permission when in fact, as shown by the monkey with the wire mother experiments of the 50’s (you can youtube these, they’re disgusting animal experiments), seniors and disableds need their families more than ever, to be in their own homes and with the people they have known and loved for years.  If children do not flourish, and in fact go crazy with a wire monkey mother, why do toss our seniors to the “wire monkey caregivers”?

This afternoon I plan on publishing the final accounting in Sykes.  It is a disgrace and nadir of the legal profession.  If anyone doubts her POA specifically prohibits what happened, I will publish that too.

I want subpoenas served in the Sykes case on all sources of income from the GAL’s, I want to see their tax returns for 5 years, I want to see who is paying off any mortgages and loans they have as well as any interests in nursing homes, or beds in nursing homes, etc.



From Candice Schwager in Texas — more blood on the hands of probate appointed attorneys–Ruby


Buyer’s Remorse: When a “deal” for Mom’s freedom goes bad


Just when I think I cannot get any more disgusted with these reprobate lawyers, they hit a new vomit, want to punch someone in the face decibel. Sarah Pacheco is about the worst of the reprobate and cannot even see it. There is any icy cold feeling of PURE ARROGANCE in the room when she enters. She is the most despicable of them all, so be glad Terry. But the two of you could really do some damage! Russ Jones is right up there. And this is my opinion, you den of thieves. I hope you like it HOT!

Today in Court, I was shocked at the freudian slip of the century out of the mouth of a true sow: Sarah. Unbelievably, after  getting sanctioned $15,000 for screaming too loud to save Ruby Peterson’s life as Silverado Senior Living, Sarah Pacheco, Josh Davis, Russ Jones, and Jill Young were holding Ruby and drugging her to death, Sarah and Ruby’s good for nothing lawyers accuses me of bad behavior. All I did was represent my client, Ruby, but no one would allow me to be her lawyer.

Ruby said “hire two lawyers” and her sons hired me. If you are presumed competent, end of story, right? Wrong. Judge Wright appointed two morons: Jill Young (to represent Ruby’s best interests, which apparently was to be drugged to death and kept from her family) and Russ Jones was appointed to be her lawyer (duty to represent HER WISHES, which was to leave Silverado). But, Jones fought Ruby and let her die there. So both were useless and actually want to get paid!

I did not attend mediation or sign the oppressive agreement which my clients signed to save their mother’s life. I’m sure I would likewise have signed anything because Ruby was dying before our eyes and it was the only way we could save her life. In the duress/extortion, a few i’s and t’s were missed and the thugs took full advantage of it, but they fell in their own traps they set for others. Isn’t that what God’s word says?

After Ruby died at Silverado because they would not “LET RUBY GO!” Sarah actually thought she could hold my clients to extortion and accused us of backing out by not giving her the equivalent of more extortion. We were then sued for breach of contract, which is appalling. Seeking to hold us to this illegal contract, she told the judge it did not matter if we were having “BUYER’S REMORSE!” SAY WHAT!! Are you kidding me? I SCREAMED!

So that’s what the mind of a psychopath is like: it’s blind. I was accused of filing frivolous claims and bad behavior for telling you on blogs. Hard to believe these depraved, heartless lawyers would accuse me of bad behavior. Her lawyer buried himself by telling everyone on the record that he had been throwing innocent people to the wolves for 30 years right before he had a freudian slip too, stating that this was all in Ruby’s best interests! WT? Ruby is dead. We objected to that mischaracterization. This guy is so reprobate it’s obscene and I cannot write the disgust I feel. Watching someone die does that to you.

This is what happens in a Code that rewards the gestapo for robbing and killing the elderly, who are mere property in their eyes–worthless. Funny how we pay so much if they are worthless. My clients gave it all just to save their mother and Pacheco didn’t honor the “settlement agreement” that she now seeks to enforce. Go for it.

Candice Schwager, attorney, Texas

republished with permission of the author

From Ken Ditkowsky–how to ignore and actually flip around the Illinois Probate Act so that it harms rather than protects

To: scott evans <>
Subject: Re: Tonight’s Cooper’s Corner
Date: Aug 13, 2015 10:29 AM
If I understand what you are saying, you feel that my suggesting Honesty, Honor and fidelity as a solution to the problem of guardianship for the indolent, obnoxious, incompetent and uncontrollable elder or disabled person who now needs social services is naive.    Indeed, in a vacuum it does seem to be Pollyannaish.   But, it is not.    It is not because we do have good people out there and the Jerome Larkin et al conspirators are a minority – but growing.
This is the reason we need the media, the legal profession, and citizens in general to defy the conspirators (including but not limited to Larkin, and his group) and clean up the mess now before it become metastatic.   Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators have unilaterally revoked the Constitution of both the US and the State of Illinois for not only lawyers, but all members of the class of people who are called elderly or disabled.
Last night after I talked with Bev Cooper on her program it occurred to me that Larkin and his co-conspirators have made a massive intrusion on our liberty that is even greater than we observed.   They have set up an alternate justice system so as to better assault the Bill of Rights.    Let me explain.   The members of the legal profession are the last rallying point for defense of the constitution.   Right now as an example fair minded people have looked at Hillary Clinton’s foray in the cyber world of e-mails and are thinking – if that had been me, the jail house is in my future; however, lawyers are out there making certain that she is not persecuted because she is Hillary Clinton, or that she does not get a pass because she is Hillary Clinton.    (Ditto for Chancellor Wise of the University of Illinois).
Defending the constitutional rights of citizens is the sacred duty of every single member of the legal profession.   The obligation is a birth right and one of the obligations that if you shirk you lose your self respect.   (This is the reason that I lobby daily for a HONEST investigation of the Mary Sykes and similar elder cleansing cases  – my personal self respect requires it).
Larkin first based his rationalization that he had a right to censor the call for an Honest investigation on the Sawyer case.    Had he and his co-conspirators read the case they would have found that the last paragraph negated their argument.   After I quoted the last paragraph as an argument against Larkin’s position he in his usually intellectual dishonest way dropped citing the case.   Prevarication and subterfuge were substituted for honest legal argument.
The most recent example was found in the JoAnne Denison documents wherein the IARDC tortured the Alvarez case and distorted its reasoning to suggest that an argument that the Supreme Court of the United States rejected was the basis of the decision.  (Alvarez held that even false statements are protected by the First Amendment –  Alvarez claimed to be a medal of honor winner – he was not)
The disciplinary proceedings against both JoAnne and myself were based upon our calling the Justice Department for an HONEST investigation.   (see Cynthia Farenga letter – Ms Farenga read the Probate Sharks blog and found a call for an Honest investigation of the elder cleansing cases.   She notified Ms Black – a stooge of Mr. Larkin – and shortly afterwards disciplinary proceedings followed against first me and then JoAnne)
Why are the miscreants so upset by an Honest investigation.   An honest investigation would cause the prosecution of the dishonest judges involved as well as the dishonest guardians, guardians ad litem, and other judicial officials.    An Honest investigation would lead back to political figures (including nursing home operators) who are reaping in billions of dollars in loot!     An Honest investigation would result in capital gains on property stolen from wards becoming ordinary income, and worse yet an Honest investigation would end the very lucrative War on the Elderly and disabled.    The the Conspirators assaulted the First Amendment.
If you recall my hearing.  The IARDC attorney held a copy of my letter to the Attorney General of the United States in his hand and asked me if I was repentant for writing it!
The legislature and the Congress worked long and hard to address the plight of the elderly and the disabled.  Previously the Courts developed the doctrine of parens patrie.  All of the above was designed to address the problem of even the most incorrigible senior et al.    In fact they worked.    Or at least they worked into our miscreant conspirators discovered the amount of money that was available by elder cleansing.
My solution is not to throw the baby out with the bath water, but to get rid of the scum of the legal profession starting with the administrator of the IARDC.   I suggest that we send a message – TAX THE BASTARDS!   let them pay all the interest, penalties and taxes due.
Our state needs the money – the money Larkin himself owes would make a great contribution to the pension crisis and send a message.   There is going to be claimed an $800,000 capital gain on Mary’s house.    That should be a One million dollar ordinary income report!    The other 2 million dollars stolen is also subject to income tax.    
Why is Larkin and his miscreant co-conspirators being given a pass?
The short answer is found in the word “corruption”   If we just enforce our laws there is a place of accommodation for the elderly and the disabled.